3 Best iOS Games of 2016

3 Best iOS Games of 2016

3 Best iOS Games of 2016

In the past decade, we have seen some serious technological advancements in almost every industry and the gaming one is no exception. These days, you don’t have to own consoles to play games. Now, you can use your smartphones for playing unique and fun games whenever you want. Every day, new games are introduced for different platforms like iOS and Android. When you have so many games to choose from, it can get pretty confusing. Which games should you download and install?

Listed below are the 3 best iOS games of 2016 that you should definitely give a try:

1.      Steal my Heart Away Tap Game

This is the perfect combination of a love and hearts game that puts your tapping skills to the test. Steal my Heart Away Tap Game is one of the most amazing love and tap games to be introduced in 2016 as it includes a lot of romantic kisses, ambient and effect. The storyline is quite interesting as the character is fascinated from the first time he meets his true love. His heart beat like crazy when he laid his eyes on her and you are going to relate to his story. It is different from the regular tap games available in the App Store as you need to have great precision skills to master it. Focus your full attention and tap as many hearts as you can to get the highest score. Remember, if you don’t tap a heart in 10 seconds, the game is lost.

2.      Circle Pong

Another one of the best iOS games of 2016 is Circle Pong, which reached the top of the app charts once it was rolled out. While it has some really simple rules, Circle Pong can be really challenging. The purpose of the game is to rotate a paddle around the outside for keeping the ball in the circle. You hit the ball with the paddle when it is about to get out. Initially, you will find the game very challenging, but you can get better at it with some practice. One of the best things about this game is that it keeps on pushing you to beat your high score. You want to go as high as possible and you have a lot of fun doing so.

3.      Spike Run

The last of the 3 best games available on iOS in 2016 is Spike Run. There is a zigzag of dangerous spikes, which give the game its name. Your job is to make sure your cube is able to travel safely without hitting any of the spikes. You have to make the spikes disappear and this requires a great deal of attention and precision on your part. It is all about timing and even a slight miscalculation is going to end the game for you. Thus, timing is everything in this game. Apart from that, Spike Run also offers you some other features including color changing platforms, endless gameplay, one-touch controls that are easy to master and the ability to compete with other players.


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