The Type Of Web Hosting That You Really Need For Your Website

The Type Of Web Hosting That You Really Need For Your Website

The Type Of Web Hosting That You Really Need For Your Website
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It is not uncommon to see website and business owners overly concerned about the type of web hosting that would be best for them. You might not be as much concerned in the beginning as you would be later because that’s when you will realize how important it is to choose the right type of web hosting. By choosing a bad web host you could end up with lots of downtimes. If your host is not good at providing good technical support you would find yourself in nowhere-land more often than not.

Another bad scenario is when you find out after using a web host for a long time that you have been paying for something you never needed. In order for you to choose the best web hosting service you must know your needs. It is best that you get in touch with an IT expert before choosing the web hosting platform if you are someone sitting at home starting his first website. If you are going to start a WordPress blog, just look for best WordPress hosting. If you are starting your first website and it is supposed to be a small and basic website, just go for the shared hosting solution. Some people might suggest free web hosting as well but we don’t recommend that.

Free web hosting is just too basic and very limited with everything. There is no chance for you to grow and it seems a bit unprofessional as well. Shared hosting is most suited for starting websites not only because it is cheap and affordable but also because of the resources offered with shared hosting plans. One reason why some businesses won’t go for shared hosting solution is security and scalability. However, the security is not that bad and scalability is never an issue when you are just starting a website on the internet.

When you want more privacy and more control of things, it is best that you go for dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting means you rent a whole server from your web host and own all of its resources. Every bit of RAM, storage space, processor and other specifications that are on the server are yours. You can install whatever operating system you want, upgrade applications etc. However, there are still some restrictions on you in terms of networking since the server still belongs to your web host. This is quite an expensive method of web hosting. A better alternative option is virtual private server.

With virtual private server you own a virtual server and all of its resources. It is secure and you have full control of your server. However, since the virtual machine is being hosted on a real server where there could be dozens of more virtual servers, you only have control over your virtual machine. What happens to the main server hosting all the virtual machines is the job of your web host. Lastly, you have colocation. This is the most expensive form of web hosting. In this type of hosting you buy your own server and the web host is only responsible for providing you some space in its datacenter and keeping your server secure.


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