DJI Introduces First Integrated Aerial Zoom Camera

DJI Introduces Zenmuse Z3, First Integrated Aerial Zoom Camera

DJI Introduces First Integrated Aerial Zoom Camera

DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 has come with expanded possibilities to meet the requirements of industrial as well as professional practice. It is the first integrated aerial zoom camera that has been designed for high-quality still photography. Zenmuse Z3 has been incorporated with company’s top notch technology famous as gimbal which has recently taken into further advancement for working optimally along with its capability to zoom any image.

The launch of DJI’s latest product has pushed the usage of industrial applications toward a broader aspect. According to Paul Pan, the Product Manager, the earlier products could only zoom in anything when those were flying closer to it but with Zenmuse Z3, users have the possibility to zoom in an object for clear and detailed pictures along with maintaining distance.

This first integrated aerial zoom camera will improve the usage of applications in different industries. It aims at offering a great help to pilots rescuing or in search of anything or is even helpful with inspection and surveys.

The new product by DJI is similar in temperament as the company’s other products are such as Matrice 600 drones and the Inspire 1. All these products have a great reputation in the usage of industrial projects and professionals. Zenmuse Z3 is packed with DJI’s Lightbridge and HD video downlink that provide clear and detailed images at a significant distance range which can be up to 5.0 kilometers of a HD transmission.

DJI is the company that got into the fame after their most praised and most efficient drones. However, the launch of its first integrated camera which is aimed at offering aerial still photography has well demonstrated what goals DJI wants to meet are ahead of super-slick video recording.  They launched this tiny camera on Thursday which has the ability to give you up to 7x zoom with another 3.5 x optical zoom and a 2x digital zoom. It means you do not have to fly closer an object to receive its details or a clearer view.

Alike the Phantom 4 and Inspire 3, this camera has the same 12-megapixel for stills along with the support of Adobe DNG RAW. Furthermore, Zenmuse Z3 can also record quality videos with 4k resolutions.

Offering a perfect user experience, Zenmuse Z3 includes a live feed from its camera and can change settings as well. Also, it zooms in and out, takes images and records videos and activates sharp flights modes

The Z3 is set with a standard flight time that can go up to 19 minutes with the Inspire 1. You can also extend this time up to half an hour using M100 which is equipped by dual battery or can use M600 to get a 39-minutes flight time.

A remote control is provided with each drone allowing users choose to make use of camera controls including clicking stills and recording videos. Other camera controls such as zooming in and out can also be employed with a remote controller. The same functions go true with Z3 as well.

DJI’s new product is available at $899 and interested users can get it shipped in coming month.



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