Things You Must Know Before Building A Robot

Things You Must Know Before Building A Robot

Things You Must Know Before Building A Robot

There have always been movies that keep scaring the world about how the robots and machines will soon take over the planet and humans will become slave to machines. This idea has been around for quite some time but there have not been any indications that robots or machines will ever think of doing something so “humanely” to the humans. It sounds absurd that a machine that has been programmed by someone can start doing things that it has not been programmed for. However, there is always a possibility of some human building a robot and programming it to be unfriendly and patronizing.

For now, robots are being used to help humans with their mundane tasks. Robot vacuum cleaners have gained quite some popularity in the US in recent days for example. People like building robots that can help them with these little homes chores and other tasks like brushing their teeth, cleaning their cars etc. The mechanics of robots are not very complex when you start at the basic level. However, many robots fail because people don’t start with the right idea. They are too fascinated by how fascinating their robot will look but forget the very basic preparations to build a robot.

Why Do You Want To Build A Robot?

First and foremost, you must decide why you want to build a robot. Unless you are clear on what purpose your robot is going to serve you cannot invent something sensible. It’s the purpose of the robot that you will have to keep in mind while designing its components. You will have to answer people’s question as to why you made something how you made it. Such questions can only be answered when you had made those things with a proper thought in mind. People build robots for many different reasons.

Some just like to have fun with their robots. For example, there are some amazing programs on TV that invite robot makers from around the country and world to come and take part in a robot combat. These people will come up with innovative ideas to make robots that will beat the opponents. They will fit several different tools on the robot and make sure their robot is stable enough to hold its ground through the battle. Some engineers and scientists want to make the world a better place with the robots. For example, there is a trash can in Japan that would move automatically and catch a piece of paper that you throw randomly.

Do You Really Have Enough Time?

You have to be really passionate about making a robot in order to make one. The reason why so many people would stop in the middle of making a robot is they don’t have enough time to work on their robot. Making a robot requires time because you want your robot to perform a particular action. In an attempt to make the robot perform that function properly you have to keep on playing with the mechanics. If you have too much work from school and your exams are coming up, you can postpone the idea.

Do You Know All The Components You Will Need?

More important than having the components that make up the robot, you have to know the components that you will need. You will first have to make a list of the parts and components that will be required to build your robot. You will require a lot of batteries, battery holders, wires, smolder wires, motors, switches etc. Of course, you will also have to arrange some LED lights if you want certain options to glow on your robot. Once you have a complete list of items you will need to build the robot you can go ahead shopping for them.

Do You Have The Money To Build One?

A basic robot might not require you to spend a fortune, but if you are a student you will need even the smallest amount of money from your parents. If you are doing a job you might not be allowed by your parents to spend your money in making a robot. They might ask you to pay for your educational expenses from the money you are spending. However, you can make your dream of making a robot possible using some other methods.

For example, you can go ahead and get some loan to get all the components of your robot ready. You don’t want to take a huge loan for such a small task because you will have to remember that your loan has to be paid back too.

Do You Know How To Market It?

Making a robot is not a big task anymore since there are literally thousands of students making robots on a daily basis. You can watch several online videos where even little kids have made their own robots. The important thing here is to market your product so the world agrees to see it. In order for your robot to be known in the world you will first have to make sure to be active on social networking platforms.

Here you can talk to people who are in your groups and communities about your robot. You can post pictures or simply share videos to get a feedback on your robot. Keep in mind that most people will pay a lot of attention to how practical your robot is before giving it any admirations. A robot does not have to look great in order to be called a great robot. The most important thing is how precisely it is able to perform the task it was specifically designed for. So, go ahead and start designing your first robot and surprise the world.


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