8 Art Gadgets That Smarten Up Classrooms

8 Art Gadgets That Smarten Up Classrooms

8 Art Gadgets That Smarten Up Classrooms

If used with care and vigilance, technology can be and has been very influential and elemental in society’s advancement. This is especially true when it comes to science, medicine, workforce and also education.

Apart from improving engagement, collaboration and knowledge retention, technology provides a slew of conveniences to not only students, but teachers and parents as well. It all falls on using and implementing the most advanced tools and techniques, which is what this article brings to your attention.

  1. Projectors

Projectors are an old favorite that have been used mainly to display lecture notes, multimedia presentations or documentaries and movies for references.

Now thanks to modern innovations, we have come to the point where projectors have become portable like the IPHONE/IPAD HDMI mini projector. This little fella weighs no more than 1.8 pounds and makes it a breeze to carry in and out of class. Teachers can easily make use of this for educational trips with their students or take it to a historical site to help them learn about its origins and past cultures.

Then there’s BenQ’s Interactive Projector that projects on any surface without the aid of expensive whiteboard or extra equipment. But its true strength lies in its interactivity due to its multi-purpose touch commands and gestures with pens or fingers. This allows students and teachers to become engaged and collaborate with one another more effectively.

  1. 3D Printer

3D printing allows you to solidly materialize any object from a computer-aided design concept. This present-day invention has served its usefulness to a number of industries such as architecture, engineering, fashion and footwear, etc.

3D printing has been integrated into classrooms and labs, specifically for teachers who, for example, wish to print 3D models of human skulls in case their biology lab is under construction. Interestingly, this method makes classroom learning more engaging and interactive which instills creativity and innovation among students.

  1. Smartboards

An interactive whiteboard is expected in this day and age. Think of it as a wide-screen computer monitor which doubles as a regular whiteboard where teachers and students write or draw using real or digital markers. But smartboards take a step further by recording what is written or makes the marker responsive to touch.

The Promethean board is another smartboard that is entirely touch-enabled, allowing students to manipulate an image on screen, control a camera viewing tropical wildlife and so much more. Now you and your English tutor can enjoy a playful learning experience.

  1. Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has recently picked up steam in the department of entertainment and Oculus Rift is the biggest name in the industry right now. But other than gaming, the Oculus Rift also serves as a prominent training and learning tool for professional and educational industries.

Students can now immerse themselves into the context of their courses to interact and experience everything they are being taught in class. Various benefits have been linked to health, medical and exercise students when they use the Oculus Rift as a means for content in physiology and anatomy.

  1. Smart Tables

Smart tables are a distant relative of smartboards, but bear the same smartphone qualities. This kind of display is sturdier than their wall counterparts. Smart Technologies’ SMART Table layout offers seamless collaboration and simultaneous interactions with other students at the same time.

  1. Digital Textbooks

Digital textbooks offer a plethora of benefits to both students and teachers when it comes to classroom learning:

  • Cost-effective: digital textbooks eliminate extra costs of shipping, tuition rates and delivery and cost about 50-60% less than regular textbooks.
  • Environment-friendly: Saves trees from being cut down to make paper.
  • Enormous Storage Capacity: Thanks to cloud-storage services, students can store as much material as they can without fear of losing their materials and being bothered by cramming so many textbooks.
  • Easily Updated: Instead of having to buy new textbooks for a new class, digital textbooks can get updated with the latest information on the fly.
  • Learning on-the-go: Tablets can be taken almost any place like the café, the gym or soccer warm-up matches and help us manage our class and homework assignments right there and then.
  1. GoPro Camera

High-quality cameras these days have to be integrated to not only record and analyze student performances, but also record lab demonstrations or share class notes. And the GoPro Camera is indeed one of the best cameras that records crisp 1080 HD footages and withstand harsh environments and conditions.

  1. Laptops, Phones and Tablets

Need we say more about how efficient and convenient laptops, smartphones and tablets are? As we move ahead with times, more and more students are becoming comfortable in using these to share and write notes, save their material and access it for later at any time and save up on buying textbooks, etc.

Author Bio: Abdul Qadir is a freelance writer, experienced blogger. Currently, He’s working with smiletutor.sg which provides home tuition. Furthermore, Qadir assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.