What’s LG Offering On Its First VR Headset

What’s LG Offering On Its First VR Headset

What’s LG Offering On Its First VR Headset
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LG has been quite busy for a couple of years. It has been competing with the best smartphone makers such as Samsung, Apple, HTC and Sony. It won’t be wrong to say that it has got people’s attention and there is now a fan base for LG too. Starting from its flagship LG G2 the company has been doing great things that have not only been impressive in terms of quality but innovation as well. In the last year and more specifically in 2016, LG has been focusing a lot on innovation in smartphone technology and other related technologies.

Just recently LG has announced its latest flagship phone the G5 on Mobile World Congress and along with the phone it introduced its VR headset. The VR headset will take people into virtual reality and is going to serve as another step into revolutionary technology. Many companies have started to focus on virtual reality technology in the recent days and it can be safely said that Asian tech companies are more interested in VR headsets and gadgets. So, what exactly did LG offer on its VR headset and what makes it different from other virtual reality gadgets out there? Here it is:

The LG Virtual Reality Headset

It is a virtual reality headset and for people who don’t know much about them, this particular gadget will sit on your face and play two screens before your eyes. This will create an experience as if you were in the world that you are looking at through your eyes. The world moves as you move your head and you become a part of this world. Thus the name virtual reality. The virtual reality headsets from LG are different from rest of the headsets from smartphone makers in many different aspects.

First, most other virtual reality headsets require you to put your smartphone into the gear and then use it. The LG virtual reality headset does not require anything like that. You just connect your VR headset with the help of a cable that inserts into the USB Type-C port on your smartphone and you are good to go. There are two different screens on each eye playing quite a high resolution for you to immerse into the virtual world. The headset from LG is one of the lightest one out there and also a very compact size compared to other headsets.

The Good Sides Of LG VR Headset

The most amazing thing about this headset is it connects with your smartphone using a cable so you don’t have to hold too much weight on your face. You can move about freely without worrying that your headset might fall killing your smartphone with it. The second big thing about this headset is how light it is. The weight of only 118g makes it the perfect virtual reality headset for anyone. You won’t feel any press on your face even after using it for a long time. The size is literally compact so it looks good on your face too.

It delivers a resolution of 639ppi. The goggles will be available for public in April and will be compatible with all Google Cardboard applications. There is a nose pad on the goggles to support you nose and prevent the headset from leaving marks on it. The gyroscope is there on the headset so it would always know where your head is moving. The headset is compact and on top of that the headset can fold too. If you like to travel, it has to be your first choice. However, not everything is good about this headset.

The Bad Things

While the idea of not having to put the phone into the headset sounds great, the wire that comes out of the headset from LG is in quite an odd place. Secondly, in an attempt to make the headset compact LG has made it too compact to cover the eyes fully. The light from your surroundings will enter from sides while you are wearing it and so you will never be immersed into the virtual reality experience. The compact size makes the headset feel a little unsafe when you are wearing it i.e. in the beginning you feel as if it will fall off.

Most online reviewers have also described the overall experience as laggy and blurred. They have said that the best way to experience virtual reality on these headsets is to move the head only very gently so things to get blurred. There really are many aspects where LG will need to improve to make its VR headset worth buying. The VR headset is only compatible with LG mobiles right now and that’s another downside.

Final Words

How much people like and buy this device also depends on the price LG sets for it. LG has to be given the credit for being innovative with these headsets too. If LG listens to the complaints from reviewers and customers and improves those aspects on its VR headset, it will definitely make itself known for making some good virtual reality headsets.


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