Is The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Really New?
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Is The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Really New?

Is The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Really New?
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At the Mobile World Congress 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 were the biggest announcements. LG G5 got mixed reviews and while everything about it was great, its design was not much impressive for many. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 seemed like a perfect device but as you go deeper into its specifications and features, you realize that there are some big compromises on this phone. Overall, it is an amazing phone and probably one of the most beautiful phones that you will have available at hand in 2016.

Introducing The Samsung Galaxy S7

First thing you will notice about this phone is that you will not notice anything different. However, if you put a deeper and longer glance at the phone you will realize the subtle changes this phone has come with. The design looks pretty similar to S6 but the back curves and little more prominent curves on top and bottom make it a different device. It is a small phone and it is believed that Samsung will limit its making of big phones to Note series. What it means is that there might be no “+” versions of these phones.

Features Of Galaxy S7

The screen on the phone is of course Samsung’s AMOLED that will provide you the crispiest colors on a 5.1” screen. It will come with a Snapdragon 820 processor or an Exynos 8890 processor made by Samsung. There is 4GB of RAM on the phone and to keep you going for the day this phone comes with a huge 3600mAh battery. There is a 12MP shooter on the back and while the megapixel count has gone down, the aperture size has been increased to improve camera’s overall performance. The 577ppi pixel density gives you the finest display available out there.

The phone has a glass back and front, and both are protected with Corning Gorilla glass 4 to ensure full safety and protection of the phone. When you hold the phone in your hand it will have Android Marshmallow operating system on it giving you the best and latest from Google’s lovely operating system. It is available with a 32GB and 64GB model but you always have the option to expand the memory with an external MicroSD card. The front camera on the phone is only 5MP but you already know how good Samsung is with its cameras despite the low megapixel count.

Is The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Really New
Image credit: Portal GDA / Flickr

There is no radio on the phone like there is one on LG G5 but that’s nothing that most people care about. The phone is available in gold, white, black and silver colors. The battery is big but cannot be expanded. The fingerprint sensor is still on the home button and is quicker than before. Since it is the flagship phone from Samsung you can expect it to be high in terms of price. The phone was unveiled in front of the world on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and is available for the public in March.

Highlights Of Galaxy S7

The biggest highlight of this amazing phone from Samsung is that it finally comes with an expandable storage option. Furthermore, the biggest complaint from most users might have been taken care of with a 3600mAh battery. The design is being called the sexiest among all other smartphones. Another thing that has come back is the water and dust proof feature. The recent experiments from YouTube reviewers have shown that the phone really does have some great water resistance on it. A camera with bigger aperture is supposed to give you better performance with the camera too.

A Few Bad Things

The biggest complaint people have with the phone is that it looks pretty much the same as Galaxy S6. It’s true that in terms of design Galaxy S7 is 95% similar to Galaxy S6. Furthermore, the glass back and front make the phone even more sensitive since you will now have to go through that feeling of a heart attack even if your phone falls on its back. The phone is going to be an expensive one and that’s another huge drawback since most of the features that are being offered on the phone were already there on previous versions of the phone.

For example, people don’t like the idea that they are being offered and pitched water and dust proof features of the phone since they were already there on S5 and the company is going to make people pay more for getting the features that they already had. While the phone looks good and the specifications are great, the phone is still quite similar to what Samsung had to offer last year. This is keeping many people from buying the phone since they believe that they will technically not upgrade if they buy an S7 by selling their S6.

Final Words

It is true that some of the features on the phone had already been introduced by the company in S5 and putting them back on the phone is nothing innovative or new. However, Samsung has to be admired for putting out an amazing and classy looking phone. It has maintained the great looks from S6 and offered something new that makes it even more attractive than the previous iterations. The phone has a perfect size for small and big hands. Marshmallow software will be  great new thing for Android users too when they buy Samsung Galaxy S7.


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