Apple Releases Another Yosemite Beta As Wifi Issues Persist
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Apple Releases Another Yosemite Beta As Wi-Fi Issues Persist

Apple Releases Another Yosemite Beta As Wifi Issues Persist

A second beta has been delivered by Apple Inc. for its Mac OS X Yosemite developers. However, it remains to be seen that whether the Wi-Fi problems, which are continuously affecting a substantial yet undetermined number of users can be addressed by this latest build. The build has been labeled as 10.10.2 (14C68k), but no specific areas have been identified by Apple that could be the cause of the problem and require the focus of the developers when they run tests on the operating system. This information has been obtained from multiple reports from individuals and news outlets that are aware of the release notes.

Nearly two weeks ago, the first beta of Yosemite was released by Apple, which requested the developers to focus on articular areas that were giving rise to numerous issues such as Wi-Fi. It has been a constant source of complaints since the release of the operating system. A formal OS update was yielded by the first beta and it became available to the public on Monday. Nonetheless, the update that was called 10.0.1 wasn’t able to eliminate the Wi-Fi problems that plagued users. The company’s discussion forums, social media sites and third-party sites have been full of complaints by users regarding this issue.

The Apple Support site has the longest thread about this problem, which is called the OSX Yosemite Wi-Fi issues. This thread has been viewed by people about 259,000 times and has received a total of 1330 comments since mid-October when Yosemite first came out. Before the update was released, on Monday, the thread had about 208,000 views and comments were 1100. This means that after the release of the update, the thread grew by 51,000 views and 230 comments. Affected users seem to be reporting one common complaint that their Wi-Fi connection becomes very unstable or slow after they install Yosemite.

Thus, the update is causing the connection to drop in after every few minutes. After dropping for the first time for half a minute or more, the connection becomes unstable from then on. This happens over and over again. When the update failed to resolve the problems highlighted by the users, new threads could be seen with more complaints regarding this issue. No comment was made by the iPhone maker concerning this issue and the company hasn’t offered any explanation about why this issue is occurring in the first place.

Various people have attempted to obtain information regarding this connection issue from the firm, but they haven’t received anything that could be used to determine why the problem occurred. The update problems don’t seem to be going away for the firm as yet because the iOS 8.1.1 update that was released by the company for fixing bugs, Wi-Fi problems and battery life for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was not able to achieve its goals. This is due to the fact that the issues still persist. There are still performance issues with the devices, but some problems may have been resolved.


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