The magic of Robotics: Boston Dynamics Made a New History with the Door-Opening Dog!!

The magic of Robotics: Boston Dynamics Made a New History with the Door-Opening Dog!!

The magic of Robotics: Boston Dynamics Made a New History with the Door-Opening Dog!!

Are you a technology-freak like me? If it is so then the smart inventions of the recent times might seem to be a matter of much interest to you. Isn’t it?

Moreover, the efficient devices and gadgets available in the market nowadays make us fall in love with them more and more. Also, the feeling gets even more intense when we have the websites around us through which we can buy even the most premium technological device at an affordable rate.

Nevertheless, recently there has been a yet another extraordinary technological launch!! Don’t you know about it?

Well, the famous robot maker of all time, Boston Dynamics, has launched its latest robot dog which is super-smart. They named it as SpotMini!! So, Yes! Another significant marvel in the world of robotics is just making a whole new buzz at this point in time.

If you just go with the looks of this smart dog then you would discover that it is really incredible. You can take a glance of it in the Boston’s highly popular video which they have set on air on this Monday.

The kind of lively movements and high level of coordination that you can see between the body and software of SpotMini is simply fantastic! This seems to be a clear indication to me that we are gradually heading towards the future where robots will not be just in the labs, rather they would survive among us.

However, speaking about the video from Boston, it seems to be something quite interesting! You would see a little robot dog is walking towards a door. But, it is having no hands to open the door.

Next, just after a few seconds, the larger SpotMini come into existence. The larger one seems to be more technologically advanced with an articulated arm and grabber for a strong grip. With the grabber, the larger Spot pulls the door towards itself.

After that, the robot dog ends up propping the door open with the help of its foot. Thus, its arms get free which help the robot dog to extend the door and push it to open.

Finally, it keeps on holding the door open and wait until its friend goes out. The work done by the creators of this robot is so advanced that they not only made such a robot which can open a door on its own but also the robot dog could leverage its own weight to hold it open for a certain period of time.

Such a new robotic invention is absolutely excellent. The director and CEO of Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert, said, “ We’ve been taking our robot to our employees’ home to see whether we could get in the various access ways”. He further added, “ We’re doing very well-about 70 percent of the way”.

So, it is quite evident that technology and science are upgrading at an alarming rate. We should definitely get ready to witness some more such incredible discoveries in the future!