Google Nearing Smartwatch Launch
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Google Nearing Smartwatch Launch

Google Nearing Smartwatch Launch

According to people familiar with the matter, Google Inc.’s smartwatch has finally reached the late stages of developments and the internet giant is now in talks with Asian suppliers to start mass producing the device soon. After the smartwatch launch, it will be integrated with Google Now and will be operating on the company’s Android operating software. Google Now is the company’s intelligent personal assistant who has the ability of answering questions, predicting the information that’s needed by the user based on what they are doing and also making recommendations. As per an individual close to the matter, the company has been working on reducing the power consumption of the smartwatch so that it will not need to be charged frequently.

It was also stated that the smartwatch will have the ability of connecting with the user’s smartphone and will be able to use Google Now for drawing out information from the emails of the user. According to the information revealed, the device will be ready for being mass produced in just a few months. Google is attempting to address the two criticisms that have always been made against smart watches; battery life and usefulness. Google wants to use its wristwatch to answer the skeptics. Although there are already a couple of watches in the market including one from Samsung Electronics, they have a relatively high price and limited features.

Nonetheless, analysts are of the opinion that wearable devices will become mainstream gradually as improved applications are introduced and they will create a growing battleground in the tech industry for rivals such as Google Inc. and Apple Inc. As per the data provided by ABI Research, the market research firm, in 2018 the annual sales from wearable devices will be around 485 million units. For Google Inc., the launch of this smartwatch would be an attempt to secure a leading position in the growing sector of wearable devices after its development of Google Glass.

It would also be a trick to keep users away from competing ecosystems like that of Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc. and ensuring that they stay in its Android OS. It had first been reported in June that Google was exploring the idea of making a wristwatch. As the growth outlook for traditional electronic devices and gadgets wanes, there s a rising interest in wearable devices. The prospects of this sector are being explored by majority of the industry heavyweights although device makers haven’t been able to prove as yet that making these devices is actually profitable.

According to an individual familiar with the situation, Microsoft is experimenting with internet connected eyewear, which is very much similar to Google Glass. However, Samsung managed to beat its rivals to the punch when it launched its Galaxy Gear in September at a price of $300, which can run applications and also interact with the Samsung smartphones. According to the patent filing authorities in South Korea, the company is also working on introducing electronic eyewear. Apple is also said to have been working on its own smartwatch that’s expected to be launched next year.


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