Mobile Restaurant POS for Outdoor Events

Mobile Restaurant POS for Outdoor Events

Mobile Restaurant POS for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are extremely popular in Australia and if you are organizing such an event then one of the best things you can do to make sure that your guests are comfortable and happy is to provide a place for them to purchase food and drinks. In the past, even if you had a restaurant that was set up with a computer system, if you went out catering to an outdoor event you had to fall back on paper and pen systems.

Therefore, if you were a restaurant that was famed for their quick service and efficiency, you probably noticed that at your outdoor events things were going a lot slower than before!

Portable Restaurant POS Solutions

The answer to this came when wireless technologies became ubiquitous. Now, using a 3G/4G connection or another form of Internet, you can set up your payment system and integrate it with your inventory management and seating plan. Even if you are organizing an outdoor event, with these new systems you are able to keep the same efficiency and high quality of service.

Your staff will be able to place orders using the latest smart phones or tablet devices, such as iPhones, Android, or iPads. Using this technology, they will be able to interact directly with the clients at the tables that you have set up so there is not queue at the serving area.

Separating Your Clientele

At outdoor events, it is common for some part of your clientele to be expecting a full meal while others are only after a snack or a drink. For maximum efficiency, you do not want these two types of people queuing at the same place! This is why it’s better to have portable solutions for those who are waiting at tables for their meals while leaving the serving area and the bar open for those clients who are after a snack or a drink.

Restaurant owners who do this frequently find that they not only increase their sales, but they literally double them or more as the separation of different types of clients based on the speed at which they expect to be served makes it so much easier to manage a large group of people while keeping them all happy!

Upload Data Later or In Real Time

Depending on the remoteness of your location, you might need to worry about uploading your data into your integrated system later on, when you are back at the office. You can use an offline version of POS software which records all your transactions and then you can upload this data later on into your main computer back at the office in your restaurant.

If you have access to a high-speed Internet connection, then you will also be able to update your restaurant POS in real time. This is a good way to keep tabs on everything going on in your business if you are not present at the outdoor event or if your restaurant is still open while the event is going on.


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