Making The Seas Friendly With Cooperative Measures

Making The Seas Friendly With Cooperative Measures

Making The Seas Friendly With Cooperative Measures

Individuality is a great thing but when you are facing big dangers or when the challenges are beyond your capabilities to handle them, cooperation is most needed. Defense of the borders and seas of the country needs efforts. The most important task for any military is to match the pace of its improvement in technology with the technology of the rest of the world. You couldn’t feel safe regardless of how much weaponry you possess if your weapons are outdated and obsolete. In addition to that, you don’t always have to work on everything yourself since there are other ways available too.

Today, most leaders of the countries, militaries, big industries etc. prefer the idea of cooperation. They have realized that it is impossible to make the environment safe around them unless they opt for cooperation. Inventing new machinery, chemicals, components etc. that are more efficient than older technology and benefiting from them mutually is what the idea of this international maritime conference is. This conference combined with a complete naval show that’s also being hosted in Singapore is going to be an amazing opportunity for schools, corporations, companies, military leaders, political representatives etc. from around the world to get an idea of what needs to be done to improve our navies and naval technology.

The conference is not targeted only at talking about the wartime weaponry but more of the focus will be on making the seas friendly. Theme that will be talked about and followed at the conference is “safe and secure seas”. From weapons that are used for country’s defense to technology that forms a smooth foundation for communication in the sea, everything will be discussed at the conference. The persons attending the conference will be leaders of militaries, industries and political scene of various countries. More and more focus will be put on cooperation among various countries.

To make the event more weighty and important in its nature the people visiting and taking part in the discussions will be top officials of the companies and chiefs of their services. These are the people who cannot only talk about the challenges faced by the marine forces around the world but also suggest various methods to take on these challenges. At the same time, this platform will serve as a place where these officials from various countries can mingle and interact to come closer and understand each other’s needs and requirements better.

Organization of the whole event has been performed by Experia Events Pte Ltd. Co-hosting entity to make this event a successful is Singapore Navy. Invitations will be sent to the people who are supposed to attend the conference. It is projected that the conference will result in the promotion and progress of cooperative measures among various countries. Strategies will be discussed to improve the naval technology in order to make the seas safer for every country’s naval force. The conference will also lay down the foundations of any future partnerships and formation of cooperative groups that will result after the naval show.


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