Study Shows Apple iPhones More Durable than Samsung Devices
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Study Shows Apple iPhones More Durable than Samsung Devices

Study Shows Apple iPhones More Durable than Samsung Devices

Apple’s launch of its latest devices, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, have caused a frenzy in the smartphone market. The company has departed from its traditional design and has introduced some changes in the size of its iconic device. That has led to people questioning the durability and strength of the new phones. Therefore, a recent study was conducted to test the durability of the latest models against previous ones and also with competitors. It was discovered that the two latest Apple iPhones are more durable than their previous versions and even than their Android competitor.

With a screen size of 4.7 inch, the iPhone 6 was able to do quite well in a variety of tests performed for measuring the smartphone’s vulnerability to breaking because of everyday accidents. With a screen size of 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t that far behind, but the device lost some points because it has a slim yet large form, which means users would find it difficult to grip it and it may slip out of their hands. The screen size of the iPhone 5s is 4 inches and it was released last year. This model was able to perform better than the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone that measures 5.1 inches.

There were several tests where the Samsung device didn’t receive good marks, especially the slide test. The chances of a phone falling are greater if it slides a lot. Nevertheless, the risk of breakage in all four smartphones that were tested was quite low and there weren’t any major differences that could be found between them. According to experts, this is an indication that manufacturers are paying attention and are making the smartphones more and more durable every year for the ease of use of their customers.

Typically, eight factors are used for examining and testing the devices, which include size, grip, weight, the quality of the back and front panels etc. The sliding level of the phones is tested by sliding them on a table and they are also dropped from 4 feet to test their durability. The phones are also placed in water for about 10 seconds. Consistency was ensured in the study by the use of robots and 10-points durability scale was used for rating the phones with 10 being the highest possible risk. The best score was that of the iPhone 6 whereas the worst score of 6.5 belonged to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The iPhone 5S scored a 6 while the iPhone 6 Plus got 5. The only phone that didn’t perform well in the dropping test was the iPhone 6 Plus. The screen managed to survive the drop, but was separated from the case. All four tested phones got good score in the water resistance test. Apart from boasting larger screens, the two latest installments of the iPhone are also promising faster performance and have also introduced Apple Pay that can be used for making credit card payments through a wireless chip.


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