Mok Swee Meng Guide on iPhone Repair: Broken Screen

Mok Swee Meng Guide on iPhone Repair: Broken Screen

Mok Swee Meng Guide on iPhone Repair: Broken Screen

A slight fumble, you grab at thin air and then there is a sickening ‘thud’. Bits of glass go everywhere as you fall on your knees and see what is left of your beloved iPhone. You have just broken your screen and you can feel the tears threatening, the frustration overwhelming and the rage building. Sure, this is a simple accident and one that happens to people on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it can be a very difficult time for people because iPhones don’t come cheap and neither does iPhone repair. You will be frantic to get your screen fixed quickly because smartphones have become vital these days and you cannot live without your phone for long.

But, what are your options? Here are some of the routes you can take for iPhone repair:


Did you invest in AppleCare when you bought your phone? You can breathe easily then because it is a premium after-sales support package and even though it sets you back an extra hundred bucks, it offers you two additional years of warranty and also protects you against accidental damage. But, as Mok Swee Meng suggests, bear in mind that you will have to pay for the privilege as the company will charge you $49 for any accidental damage, which includes screen replacement. Also, the service is restricted to two times for the lifespan of the device so you are in for a shock if you break your screen for the third time.

Go to Apple

Even if you didn’t get AppleCare, you can still go to the company to get your iPhone repair done. All sort of repairs can be done, which includes a broken screen. However, you should take note that if the damage is excessive, the company may provide you with a refurbished model instead. The problem is that they are going to charge you quite a lot and your cost can be anywhere between $220 to $300, depending on the problem and extent of the damage.

Check out a Third Party

If you didn’t get AppleCare and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by going to Apple, you can consider looking for a third party repair service for your iPhone. As per Mok Swee Meng, the price that will be charged depends on the service you chose, but you can rest assured that it will still be less than what Apple will charge. You will be able to get your screen fixed for about $100 to $150 and it will be indistinguishable from a new iPhone. If the price is lower, the quality of the parts may also be lower so you should think carefully.


Last, but not least, there is also DIY iPhone repair. This can be remarkably easy in most cases and you can find YouTube video tutorials easily that will guide you through the process of fixing your screen. This also costs you about $100, but can be higher, depending on the model you are fixing.

You can use any of these options for iPhone repair of your broken screen.


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