Apple's Earnings Have A Huge Share From iTunes

Apple’s Earnings Have A Huge Share From iTunes

Apple's Earnings Have A Huge Share From iTunes

Apple released its earnings report last week that reveals a fantastic golden goose in the revenue of iTunes making $6 billion in last quarter. The report also spots a 19 percent growth in the income on the comparison Apple’s earnings in last year and claims to have made the company whooping $23 billion in first 7 months of 2016.

In addition, Tim Cook who is serving the company as chief executive says iTunes will make as much money with Apple’s projects as a Fortune-100 company does before 2018. Cook’s claim may sound like something very big and bold but if we think about iTunes and the projects its services sector is disrupting, the claim appears to be believable. There are a number of reasons to make iTunes an extensive behemoth of a program. It’s a series of music and movies and also offers software in the form of applications.

Apple’s music software is a blend of rambling design and complex menus which morphs it into a multimedia managing nightmare for many users. iTunes has a complicated style to organize the media in ways a user may never want to but while the software occasionally makes them long for the days of their ordered CD collection, they have newfound respect for its purpose and what it gets done  for Apple.

It may be hard to standardize how the company is stacking up in each area. And even there is no exact figure of what Apple earns from a particular service; it’s worth mentioning that iTunes earned $6 billion per annum.

The way Apple’s services are focused demonstrates that the company has an excellent control for its devices’ hardware and software. Its hardware has always marked as the lead of selling while its mobile phones, iPads and software also make a notable sale every year.

Some analysts believe that Apple has certainly improved after its previous faulty programs like MobileMe but it still is not giving particularly good services. They say if the company has to seriously bring up its services as the main business, it has to make some greater improvements.

Though Apple claims massive revenue with iTunes, a number of people still think the program is a chaos but they still stick to it because it helps them find what they need.

It doesn’t suggest that the company has to convey the hardware in total but it helps explaining a move customers may have observed. Rumors are evolving around company’s plan to produce vehicle software though it is not yet confirmed. However, it sounds really drastic to have Apple-cars or iCar type products in future.

Apple has a move in their plans and this can be evident by different commercials run by the company. Previously it always centered its marketing on what a device has to offer you and how it looks like. Today AppStore can be noted with commercials asking you to find out what you can do there that you can do nowhere else.


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