Top 7 Reasons That Makes iPhone a Better Alternative Than Android

Top 7 Reasons That Makes iPhone a Better Alternative Than Android

With people getting more and more inclined towards using smartphones, you get one with your preferred choice of mobile operating system. Albeit, there are several mobile OS platforms available in the market but Apple and Android are the ones that reigns the smartphone marketplace. There is no denying on the fact that Android captures major part of the smartphone market with 81% share. But there is something special about Apple’s iPhone that makes it a better choice than Android.

Here in this guest post I’ll be covering top 7 reasons as to why you should choose iPhone.

The Apple’s iPhone App Ecosystem is Better

Both Google play store and Apple’s app store today posses over 1 million apps. Unfortunately, Android lie low in details. Most of the newly-built apps and updates for already existing ones comes first on iPhone than on Android.

In addition, applications for iPhone are more feature-rich in comparison to Android applications. And building an app for iPhone generates more revenue than Android app. You can see the image as shown below:

Bevy of Options Available on Android

The biggest problem with Android phones is the bevy of options available for you. Each phone has its own unique set of features, software, screen size etc. Thus, picking up an Android phone can get you baffled up and makes choosing the right may seem to be an arduous task in comparison to iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone models comes with same screen size and resolution. Thus, it will be sufficed to say that Apple apps will be developed to run on the fixed resolution. However, in case of Android since phones have varied screen sizes with different resolutions, you’ll have to develop application that adjusts to all screen sizes.

Brilliant Responsive UI

If you have been yearning for a smooth and responsive UI, then iPhone best-fit your needs. Android is known to suffer from lag problems. Although, Google did put in efforts to improve lag problems with launch of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and jelly bean, but still you may face certain issues when it comes to performing some action via an Android phone. For instance, the multi-touch and rotation lag issues make some of the apps as well as games in the phone useless and good-for-nothing. Though, the issues may not seem that terrible, but definitely they’re enough to ruin a user-experience.

Conversely, Apple’s iPhone UI comes optimized for both the old OS and the new one as well. iPhone glides past smoothly through most of the multi-tasking tasks free from lag, thereby providing a much enhanced  experience than one can get on Android.

Get to Relish Regular Upgrade Cycles

With plenty of Android phones out there in the market having different hardware set-ups, a lot of them are still running on outdated Android OS versions. What’s more, since Android manufacturers don’t control the operating system, you may have to wait for like months to get the next version at your disposal.

On the other hand, iPhone make users relish to get a hang of the iOS update – that too for free. With iPhone you’ll be assured of getting a new major release each year. For example, when Apple announced that its iOS 5 update will be compatible to 3GS, many people were amazed seeing the support it provided.

Better Security

Malware is a major issue among Android devices. Android triggers 97% of malware, which mainly comes through Android apps on Google play store. However, Apple’s devices are less susceptible to malware compared to Android as shown in the image below. Other tan melware, data safety is another concern most mobile users have. iPhone users can backup their iPhone data with all-in-one iPhone manager.

Battery Life

A lot of Android powered devices with 4G LTE lasts only for 5 hours on battery – when you’ll continuously surf the web over your Android phone keeping brightness to 40 percent. In contrast, iPhone devices has better battery life. For instance, iPhone 5 runs for 7 hours and 13 minutes beating Android phone by an hour.  You can see the image as shown below, displaying battery consumption of iPhone and Android.

Huge Network of Apple Stores

I’m ending the post with the most important key aspect that will definitely make you go for an iPhone. You can find out a copious number of Apple stores throughout the world. Moreover, since Apple constructs and maintains its products, if something in your device goes wrong, the manufacturers will get it fixed for you. But to get service for an Android phone, you might not find many places.

Let’s Sum It Up!

If you have been pondering about whether to opt for iPhone or Android surely the aforementioned points will give you a clearer idea as how iPhone beats Android. But, that’s my own experiences and there is no denying that Android is too a great OS. However, the choice depends on your own requirements. While iPhone may cost you a few extra bucks than Android but the money is worth the value it provides.

This post has been written with the help of Addison Cohen who works with Appsted and loves to share useful insight on best iPhone apps that helps to meet users diverse needs.


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