Apple Seeks $2.2 Billion from Samsung in Damages

Apple Seeks $2.2 Billion from Samsung in Damages

Apple Seeks $2.2 Billion from Samsung in Damages

It seems that the battle between the two technology giants that dominate the smartphone market isn’t going to let up so easily. Apple Inc. has said that it is entitled to receive a total sum of $2.2 billion in damages from Samsung Electronics for the infringement of the company on five of its patents. According to the iPhone maker, this infringement took place during a period of rapid growth and expansion in the smartphone market. Apple’s damages expert and an economist, Christopher Vellturo said in US District Court in San Jose, California that more than 37 million tablets and smartphones are covered by the patent infringement, which were sold by the South Korean firm in the US in the period from August 2011 till the end of 2013.

The revenue that was earned from the sale of these devices remains confidential. It was during the fifth day of the latest trial between Apple and Samsung when Vellturo came forward to testify. When Apple’s lawyers questioned him, Mr. Vellturo said that the claim of Apple for $2.2 billion is justified because of the timing and scope of the infringement. The smartphone market had been in the state of growth and change because more and more people had been coming in for purchasing smartphones. According to him, Apple’s main nemesis was Samsung so it had benefitted the most from the reduction in demand for the iPad and the iPhone because of the infringement.

He further stated that software features were covered by the mentioned patents, which made it easier for people to use a phone and they had remained Samsung’s weakness. Vellturo, who hasn’t been subjected to cross-examination from the lawyers of the South Korean giant, asserted that Apple had suffered from a dramatic effect and needed substantial compensation to make up for it. Mr. Vellturo receives $700 per hour for his work and his total salary was about $560,000 as he worked for about 800 hours on this case.

The main sticking point of this trial, which was initiated last week, is the damages claim made by Apple Inc. Intellectual-property lawyers were surprised by Apple’s demand of $2.2 billion in damages, considering the number of patents that are used these days in the smartphones and tablets. Apple’s request was termed as a ‘gross, gross exaggeration’ by Samsung’s lawyers and the company has said that Apple has overrated the scope of its patents. To show how Apple is overreaching, Samsung has demanded a total sum of $7 million from Apple as damages for the infringement of two of its software patents.

In the proceedings conducted on Tuesday, Apple’s lawyers tried to prove that Samsung is trying to counter the innovations that were introduced in the iPhone. An internal email had been revealed by Apple that was sent in 2010, which showed that the head of Samsung’s mobile business mentioning that the company was facing a ‘crisis of design’ as it tried to make something similar to the iPhone for the purpose of satisfying the mobile carriers.


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