Nintendo Launches NES Classic Edition

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Nintendo brings good news for game lovers with the announcement of its new gaming venture. It has been named as NES Classic Edition and is particularly designed to double a compact gaming pleasure to those who love playing long hours before their TV sets. The latest gaming version uncovered last...

Microsoft Introduces Skype for Linux Alpha

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Microsoft Introduces Skype for Linux Alpha

Skype gets another toast of popularity after it knocks at Linux Alpha- an exclusive operating system from Microsoft. The world’s leading software company was pleased to announce the launch of its latest version of ‘Skype’ last week which will be particularly facilitating users on operating systems such as Linux Alpha....

What’s New in the Encryption Debate

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What's New in the Encryption Debate

Computer encryption is the major security debate today. Between Edward Snowden and other government leaks, the public has been more receptive to having encryption on their devices. Even if you “don’t have anything to hide,” it is still a reasonable, quick and easy security measure. The more you know about...