Honda’s New Patent on Autonomous Vehicle Plans to Change the Way we Travel

Honda’s New Patent on Autonomous Vehicle Plans to Change the Way we Travel

Honda’s New Patent on Autonomous Vehicle Plans to Change the Way we Travel


You must have heard people shout this word before a car-ride way too many times. 

Maybe said it yourself a couple of times?

But there is a reason behind people jumping to get into the passenger seats. 



Because the front seats are just more comfortable. They provide more adjustability, you get access to the controls of your car and it gives your legs space to breathe. 

You get it. It just holds more power. 

And that leaves with the back seat passengers with what? Non-mobile seats, limited cooling/heating, and as much leg space as the front seat gods would allow them. 

But fret not my back seat passengers. Our days of misery are over. 

HONDA MOTOR CO. LTD. is here to bring peace to the realm of car seats with their newest idea.    

In the majority of the cars, all the seats are mostly forward-facing with limited mobility for passenger seats and almost none for the back seats. 

Even in luxury cars such as limousines, the back seats are typically fixed to their place. 

But being one of the autonomous vehicle companies, Honda aims to change that with their Autonomous Vehicles. The company filed a patent (20200189418A1) elaborates on the technology they are working on. 

According to it, since an autonomous vehicle will be self-driving, there would be no need for a seating hierarchy. Hence all seats in the car can be arranged in such a way- 

Seems quaint, doesn’t it?

But that’s not it! 

There is a track lining the edges of the cabin within the vehicle. The chairs or seats in the vehicle are mounted on these tracks. 

This allows for the chairs to be movable. Hence they can be placed into almost any arrangement. 

Along with the seats, this autonomous vehicle will come with a “Multipurpose Display”. This multipurpose display is also mobile and can be arranged in a way that is optimum for viewing. 

For the configurations of locations for the seats and the display, you can turn to the display itself. 

The arrangement, location, and position can all be adjusted and controlled with the help of the display device. 

This display can be placed horizontally or vertically. So within the vehicle, the seat and display arrangement may look like this-

This –

Or this –

But moving around the seats and itself isn’t the only role of this display.

The display can be used to communicate with your vehicle, your destination, the route that you wish to pick, and the stops that will come in the way if any.  

Now can this display get any cooler?

Yes, it can!

You can watch movies and videos of your liking (so we better keep popcorn for a trip in this car).  

AND you even get to play multiplayer games on it with your fellow passengers!

So I guess all that’s left is for us to sit back and wait for Honda to launch it. 


Honda’s new patent entails an autonomous vehicle with the following features- 

  • Seats that can be adjusted within the vehicle into multiple arrangements
  • A multipurpose display which allows you to set the route and destination for the journey
  • The display allows you to play multiplayer games on it and play videos on it. 


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