The Top 6 Shisha Flavors Worth Checking Out
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The Top 6 Shisha Flavors Worth Checking Out

The Top 6 Shisha Flavors Worth Checking Out

Who doesn’t enjoy blowing off a bit of steam every now and then? Hookah can be an incredible way to sit back, relax, and hang out with your best friends.

It’s where many amazing ideas are started. Where great relationships are formed. It can be a time of meditation and a way to escape your otherwise hectic life.

However, no shisha is complete without tremendous flavor. It heightens the experience even more. There are many different hookah shisha flavors out there, so it’s hard to know which are best.

See below for the top shisha flavors that you should look out for. Be sure to give them all a try!

1. Starbuzz Blue Mist

Being one of the most well-known brands out there, Starbuzz hookah claims the title of the most popular flavor in blue mist. This flavor jam-packs blueberry taste into the mix.

It’s mixed with peppermint to give you a cooling sensation, but you won’t taste the mint at all. The blueberry taste consumes it all, giving you one of the most refreshing flavors known in the entire hookah world.

You’ll enjoy this flavor for the cool sense that it gives you without an overwhelming mix of too many tastes. There’s only one distinguishable flavor to the blue mist and that’s the way the shisha faithful likes it!

2. Nakhla Tobacco Double Apple

Ah yes, Nakhla Tobacco’s double apple flavor: the flavor so nice they gave it twice! If you’re a big fan of overpowering the tobacco in your shisha with one distinct flavor, then the double apple mix is perfect for you.

Imagine taking a sip of apple juice while simultaneously smoking hookah. That’s the flavor combination you can expect with each inhale.

Apple is one of the most popular flavors for most hookah brands, but there’s something about Nakhla’s that can’t be denied. Its strong taste will make your shisha experience all the more laid back.

Be cautious, however. This blend holds a higher amount of nicotine than you’ll find in most mixes. For that reason, you might want to save it until you have a bit of experience under your belt. Beginners shouldn’t try this flavor first!

3. Starbuzz Bold Black Mint

Not many people would dare to try mixing a piece of black licorice with mint, but it seems to work in the bold black mint flavor by Starbuzz.

Much like their blue mist flavor, the mint is used to provide a cooling sensation that shisha users can’t get enough of. However, this mint flavor is more powerful and mixes beautifully with the sweet taste of the licorice.

Because of the sweet taste and refreshing cooling factor, you’ll be able to enjoy longer hookah sessions. It will prevent the burn on the back of your throat and offer a taste you can’t get enough of!

4. Tangiers Cane Mint Shisha Tobacco

As the name would imply, this blend by Tangiers is meant to replicate the taste of eating a candy cane. However, it offers a much more herby taste due to the mix of dark leaf tobacco.

Since the cane mint isn’t mixed with any other flavor, it’s taste and smell are somewhat overpowering. You’ll want to take a few tiny puffs at first to get used to the amount of menthol inside.

The sensation that you get after drawing from the shisha is comparable to chewing on an icebreaker mint. The cooling sensation goes as far back as you allow the smoke to, creating a shisha experience unlike any other!

5. Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell

If you wouldn’t try this flavor for any other reason, let the name be enough to give it a shot!

Hookah users have many different tips and tricks to heighten the experience, but there’s nothing quite like finding a unique taste. The Lebanese bombshell won’t disappoint, thanks to its mixture of sweet, fruity flavors.

Imagine taking a fruit shake and pouring in a few different leafy herbs inside, that’s the taste you can expect. It has just enough of a cooling sensation on the backend, but not so much that it takes away from the experience.

They don’t make shisha flavors like this every day. Be sure to give the Lebanese bombshell a try and taste something you’ve never experienced before!

6. Starbuzz Queen of Sex

If the name doesn’t entice you to try it, what flavor name will? Much like the Lebanese bombshell, this flavor doubles-down on its name by offering an unorthodox blend of fruits and herbs.

It’s main claim to fame is the mixture of lime and mint, which offers a tempting taste unlike any other on this list. Perhaps the name is a tribute to the fact that both men and women approve of it. Maybe it’s insinuating what can happen afterward.

Starbuzz once again delivers on its name by giving its smokers the taste of sucking on a lime without the tart backend taste. The mint flavor is just subtle enough, allowing the lime to be the dominant flavor and taking over on the backend.

This flavor is perfect for experienced hookah fans and beginners alike. If you have a friend that’s trying shisha for the first time, you might consider letting the queen of sex show them a good time.

Try These Shisha Flavors for Yourself

Now that you’ve seen several new shisha flavors to try, be sure to make a list and knock them out one by one.

Remember, everyone is different. While some of your friends might love the flavors, you might not find yourself enjoying them as much. That said, it’s always good to try new shisha flavors from time to time!

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