Why a Specialisation in Big Data is Important in the 21st century?
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Why a Specialisation in Big Data is Important in the 21st century?

Why a Specialisation in Big Data is Important in the 21st century?

A bachelor’s course introducing Big Data such as a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering is shaped with a purpose to provide you with subject expertise in assisting business organisations in drawing meaningful insights from raw data, which can promote company sustainability and scalability.

With businesses across domains resorting to data-backed decision making, Big Data has immense prospects and applications in virtually all the major industries from healthcare to education and entertainment. Read this blog to learn what you can expect from a bachelor’s course teaching Big Data, the benefits of studying Big Data courses, and the career prospects of pursuing such a course.

What can Big Data involve?

Although the course curriculums for Big Data can vary from one course, most Big Data courses include subjects like introduction to data analytics, basics of Hadoop, Apache, Spark, Cassandra and Sqoop. The course curriculum can also address the real-time applications of Big Data in businesses, technologies required for Big Data and a broad understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem.

What are the benefits of pursuing Big Data courses?

Here are a few advantages of opting for a Big Data course.

A Big Data career can have multiple career opportunities: Owing to increased application of Big Data in an increasing number of domains, the Big Data job market diversity has a promising uprising trend. There is a wide array of different career roles that bring their own set of challenges and rewards to the table. According to industry experts, the Big Data sector is growing at a rate of 160% per year and is creating thousands of jobs globally.

Careers in this domain can fetch handsome salaries: As a result of the scarcity of certified or qualified Big Data professionals in the market, most companies are ready to pay huge amount of money to secure professionals with the required subject expertise. According to a recent report by the Burtch Works, a reputed global recruitment agency, Big Data professionals commanded the wealthiest pay checks in the global IT industry and this trend is only solidifying further.

An increasing demand for Big Data can ensure a guaranteed job: Data is the new oil, and most governments are increasing their investment in the Big Data sector. This has increased the demand for qualified Big Data professionals in the global market. This can ensure that you have a guaranteed job throughout your career.

What are the career prospects of a course in Big Data?

Based on their field of subject expertise, Big Data graduates can choose from a wide array of career roles. Here are some of the fascinating career prospects that can catch your attention.

  • Data Engineers

  • Business Analysts

  • Visualisation Specialists

  • Machine Learning Experts

  • Solution Architects

  • Big Data Analysts

  • Big Data Solution Architects

With leaping advancements in AI and robotics, most businesses are turning to the power of Big Data and data analytics to boost company operations like logistics, sales, marketing and research and development. Enrol in a computer science bachelor’s course today to kick-start a bright career.


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