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PipeDrive Alternatives: 5 CRM Systems to Consider for a High Powered Sales Team

PipeDrive Alternatives: 5 CRM Systems to Consider for a High Powered Sales Team

Business is the fuel that helps in the commercial availability of various goods and services. It is what helps entire world economies thrive and create a balance with each other. It can be safely said that the core and the ends of every business can be summed up in one word – sales. At the end of the day, the quality of your business and the quantum of its growth would depend on this single word and how you fare in that department when it comes to serving and capturing your ideal customers. 

Sales is the fuel that drives businesses, much like business is the fuel that drives entire economies. Before we start talking about various tools and technologies that can help you set and move smoothly along a fool proof sales pipeline, towards conversion after conversion, it would be important to talk about creating a high powered sales team. Even if you are using the best technology like CRM or PipeDrive and the alternatives to PipeDrive, you would have to create a good sales team and you would have to equip your sales team with the right CRM system in order to make it a great one. Here are the things that can help you make a great and high powered sales team:

  • Information: Today, information is one of the most important and most basic resources available to any business and the sales team that brings in business. One of the most important things in any business would be the quantum of information available to the sales team. There is a lot of information to be found online today thanks to the shift of marketing activities to the digital bastions. One can easily find and make use of this information in order to create a good business base and to help in creating revenues from there. Yet, the point is to store this information which can be done by a CRM system like Pipe Drive or any of the Pipe Drive alternatives. 
  • Organisation: Merely capturing information is not always enough as one also has to use it in the right and relevant places at the right time so that it can actually yield results. When a sales team is equipped with an alternative to PipeDrive or a similarly competent CRM system, there is always scope to organize the data and information since there its so much of it available, and this will help in further organizing the sales team and the activities for which the correct information is to be called up at the right time. 
  • The gift of time: When you bring in organization with the help of a CRM system like PipeDrive or any of the PipeDrive alternatives, you are also able to equip your sales team with more bandwidth and more time, which can further help them in creating a stronger base for carrying out their functions in the best possible manner. So, why is this important? For a smoother and winning movement along the sales pipeline, it is important to create time for all the core activities that the sales team can indulge in. Focus on these core activities would help in achieving targets and bringing in the hard earned revenues. Automation with the help of CRM and marketing automation would be the ideal way to achieve this objective. 
  • Automation: As we mentioned above, automation of monotonous tasks is one of the most important requirements for creating a high powered sales team that can outperform any other business. This is where CRM comes in with its automation features that can propel your team towards more high powered performances and results. You may consider using PipeDrive or one of the PipeDrive alternatives for the same. 
  • Well Articulated Goals: For all of the above to happen and for meaningful engagement to take place, it would be imperative to arm the sales team with specific goals that are broken down into specific tasks and matched with the right resources and information along the sales pipeline. This will make the movement along the pipeline that much more smooth and result oriented. 

Let us now cast a glance at the five alternatives to PipeDrive that can help you build a high powered sales team:

  1. EngageBay: This would be one of the best PipeDrive alternatives in the market today thanks to the fact that it brings in a plethora of features which can be used for the benefit of any sales and marketing team, in any niche across the world. EngageBay gives you a complete suite of features for CRM and marketing automation along with a cost effective pricing model and lots of support so that you avoid unnecessary glitches. 
  1. This is also a well known platform that helps you design, send and track emails for a high powered sales team which can reach the inbox of your end user to make a meaningful conversion. Yet, it may be on the expensive side for most startups and small businesses. 
  1. FreshSales: As an alternative to PipeDrive, this platform gives you plenty of sales acceleration support. Yet, it lacks the full range of features for automation across other channels apart from email and landing pages, which also limits its use for creating a high powered sales team. 
  1. Zoho: This is an upcoming platform that has managed to capture the attention of users across the world. It offers CRM and marketing automation solutions aimed at email marketing and other channels as well. 
  1. Nutshell CRM: This is also one of the well known alternatives to PipeDrive since it allows you to create templates, send out emails and then track the same as well for better sales team performance. 

The above analysis shows that EngageBay would be the best alternative to PipeDrive with its wide range fo features and affordable price points adding to it. 



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