What You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Installation
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What You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Installation

What You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar installation is an important way that you can potentially lower your operating costs as a business. There are so many other expenses – licences, insurance, HR, wages, stock, marketing. But there is one – power bills – that you actually have a lot of control over. Commercial solar installation is the key. But how do you know which installer to choose when there are nearly 5,000 solar companies in operation in Australia today? Then add to that the horror stories of cowboy operations that do terrible installations causing major roof leaks and wiring disasters. How do you choose a reputable company for solar installation in this day and age? This article contains answers for business owners who want to know all the facts on commercial solar installation. Here’s what you need to know:

Is the Building Yours?

Businesses often rent their premises rather than owning their own building. If you’re renting, you will need to ask permission to have commercial solar installation done. There are generally three responses that you might get in this situation – an emphatic yes, a no with a reason, or a ‘find out what’s involved and get back to me’. If you’re the building owner, the process is a bit simpler, as you have direct access to the roof and can do whatever you want.

What Are Your Consumption Patterns?

It’s important to know when you consume power in your business. This might be influenced by your hours of operation. Solar is designed to off-set daytime consumption of energy, so if you can change operating hours or other business processes so that you’re using more power during the day, this will ensure you get the most out of solar power. If most of your power use is at night, it may not be as useful for you to undergo commercial solar installation.

What Sized System Do You Need?

Different businesses will have varying amounts of roof space. Some companies have huge roofs and relatively low power bills, while others have limited space but large power bills. Each situation will necessitate a different sized solar power system. There may be power credits associated with producing excess solar energy over the amount that you use. This excess power goes back to the grid for other householders or businesses to use.

Do I Get a Government Rebate?

Yes, you do when you apply for the Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These apply to all small businesses that want to invest in commercial solar installation for the first time. It generally will cover approximately one third of the commercial solar installation price. To see exact figures, do your research online. You should also make sure that you get any installation done by Clean Energy Accredited solar installers to make full use of government rebates.


When it comes to business, mistakes can be costly. That’s why when you’re thinking of going ahead with commercial solar installation, you need to do your research. Consider variables such as building ownership, energy consumption patterns, system sizes and government rebates to ensure you make a wise choice for your business.



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