Why Use Custom Printed Packing Tape?
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Why Use Custom Printed Packing Tape?

Why Use Custom Printed Packing Tape?


For most people, shopping online is a convenient alternative to having to physically travel to the store. Besides, online shopping makes it possible for us to buy just about anything at any time from the comfort of our homes. Have you ever ordered something online and received a package that’s been sealed with custom printed packing tape with the brand’s name and logo. Chances are, the printed logo made a positive impact on you and your perception of the brand. This is the reason why more and more e-commerce businesses use custom printed packing tape simply because this product helps the company make a good first impression on its customers.

As the trend of online shopping continues to flourish, the use of custom printed packing tape is only going to increase because it not only enhances the customer’s perception of the company but also helps in the company’s efforts at brand messaging. For those businesses that are still on the fence when it comes to using custom printed packing tape, the following lines should help change your mind.

Helps Reduce Cost

All you have to do is go online to realize just how many e-commerce sites are operating in your area, not to mention other businesses that send packages out to customers, whether they are specific products or spare parts. This means millions of packages are being shipped and received each and every day, so it pays to make sure your packaging is unique and different from the others. Using custom printing packing tape also happens to be a more cost-effective option as compared to printing your company’s name and logo on the carton itself.

Since part of operating a successful business is keeping operations lean, using custom printed packing tape can significantly reduce the cost of packages that are shipped. Using plain cartons are a lot cheaper as compared to specially printed cartons, saving you money in the process. Since it is also possible to purchase plain cartons in a small quantity, the use of printed packing tape can also reduce the amount of storage space needed by a business.

Include Special Instructions

Another advantage of using custom printed packing tape is that along with having your company’s name and logo printed on the packaging; you can also include special instructions such as, “Handle with Care” or “Fragile” in your printed tape. This ensures that the package is handled with care so that any breakable items reach their destination in one piece. While traditionally, companies would need to get these warnings printed on the cartons itself which come at an additional cost, using custom printed packing tape means that you can get these special instructions printed on the tape.

Privacy and Security

There are many times when people prefer to make a purchase of a particular item online simply because it’s too embarrassing for them to do so in person. Other times, people who make a purchase online just want to keep the contents of the package private. Keeping that in mind, you wouldn’t want somebody snooping around your package and its contents. Apart from that, there’s also the issue of security when it comes to making online purchases. Using custom printed packing tape means that the contents of the package are kept safe from prying eyes. The use of custom printed packing tape ensures that no one else but the recipient of the package opens the package, and it’s easy to find out if the packing tape has been torn and resealed. In this way, using custom printed packing tape can also be used as an effective anti-tamper measure by e-commerce businesses.

Proper Identification

Needless to say, using custom printed packing tape makes it easier for the handler to identify the contents of the package so that it’s handled and stored appropriately. Using custom printed packing tape with ‘QC Hold’ or other identification marks makes it easier for workers in the warehouse to identify the packages to avoid any confusion.

Gives a Professional Appearance

When it comes to running an e-commerce business, the first impression is important. Since your customers can easily make a purchase from the guy across the street, it pays to keep them coming back for more. The best way e-commerce businesses can do that is by making sure their products are of premium quality, reasonably priced and packaged professionally. The best way of making sure you make your brand come across as a professional service is by using custom printed packing tape that comes complete with your brand’s name, logo and any other information that’s important to include in the packaging.

Furthermore, it shows that you care about your brand and what your client’s think of it by taking the extra step to make a good first impression. This will further help buildup confidence in your brand and will keep customers from purchasing your products.

Brand Recognition

Marketing a brand is becoming more and more difficult for brands who have to compete with a growing number of other businesses. This means that companies need to use every opportunity they get to make sure their brand is marketed in a positive light. While there are many factors that are part of a marketing and branding strategy, creating brand recognition needs to be at the core of your marketing efforts. This is where the use of custom printed packing tape can make a difference. Using customized packing tape on the packages that are sent out is going to have a more positive impact on the customers as compared to using plain cartons and tape, which will make you just another brand.

In this way, using custom printed packing tape can make sure that your brand’s name and logo remains visible regardless of where your products are being shipped. Furthermore, the use of custom printed packing tape ensures that your brand name reaches out to a larger audience, which is something that would not be possible by simply using online marketing tactics.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

For those companies that want to do their part in helping protect the planet, the good news with using custom printed packing tape is that it is eco-friendly and recyclable, meaning that it does not only allow you to protect your products and market your brand in the best way possible, you also get to do that in a way that’s safe for your business and the environment.