Mobile Apps to Enhance Memory

Mobile Apps to Enhance Memory

Mobile Apps to Enhance Memory

No matter how advanced the technology gets and how extensive memory your smartphone supports, a good memory is never outdated. A strong memory does not only resonate with a healthy brain but an intelligent one too. It is essential to take care of your rain health and vitality to enhance your memory and brain functions.

A strong memory and a healthy brain are not only needed in student life but at all ages so that a person can better combat the complexities of life. No matter what your job is and what you do, a good memory is helpful for professionals to house-wives, and from juniors to seniors. So, you always have benefits with a sharp memory.

But don’t worry if you are weak at memorizing important stuff like date, events, values and etc. There are several mobile apps that certainly can help you to enhance your memory and cognitive performance.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness is a memory enhancing app with a wonderful concept. The app is developed after hard works of neuroscientist and custom software development company in Dallas and is focused on enhancing cognitive capabilities. The app tracks your mood and evaluates your cognitive skills and at the end provides you a clear summary of your performance


Lumosity is another memory-enhancing app. Letters and Numbers make this app a challenge for the brain and check your memory power. Each session of the activities included in this app involves different games that get changed randomly and suddenly. This enhances your brain activity to make your brain work. If learning and remembering patterns are not difficult enough for you, then you can achieve it in a short amount of time.

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is a memory-enhancing app that provides you with a versatile approach to do mental workouts and exercises. Fit Brains Trainer emphases on different sections of the brain instead of the traditional format of enhancing memory. The app also contains a number of mechanisms that motivate you to complete daily challenges and improve your cognitive skills. The app represents different categories with different colours and tracks your progress. The game is available for free at the App stores. Moreover, the app doesn’t cintan too much ads.


This is an amzing app which also holds the title of the best app of 2014 or iPhone users. This app is aimed at encouraging focusing and thinking capacity. The apps have games that contribute to improving various memory realted skills with the help of maths and speaking skills. The apps has a daily, wekly, and monthly monitor of your performance on brain activities. The basic version of the app is available free for both Android and iOS users.


Another memory-enhancing app is peak. The app is developed with the aim to push you to challenge you with short, intense workouts easily doable around your life. Peak enhances your abilities with a range of mini-games that assess your memory, focus, problem-solving skills, agility, and other mental skills.



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