L 393- Kids Online Safety- Dangerous Messaging Apps to Watch Out For
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L 393- Kids Online Safety- Dangerous Messaging Apps to Watch Out For

L 393- Kids Online Safety- Dangerous Messaging Apps to Watch Out For

With many new apps coming up each day, it’s not easy to tell what your kid does with their smartphone. Kids use their devices to chat with friends, send messages, share photos on social media platforms or messaging apps. Unfortunately, they may be using dangerous messaging apps for kids to catch up with peers. And what’s more? Such apps may act as entry points for online predators and bullies. As such, the first step to ensure your child’s safety is to beware of such apps. 

Check out some of the messaging child predator apps.

Kik Messenger

The KIK messenger is a kids messaging app and is notably popular among teens. It permits users to chat with friends, and most of them love it since it’s seemingly private. Regrettably, it can easily be used by predators to send images to kids or seek them out, making it one of the dangerous messaging apps for kids.  

If you notice that your kid uses their phone to obtain inappropriate messages and images, consider ways of dealing with this immediately. For instance, convince them to sell iPhone online and promise to acquire a better one when they are old enough. This way, you ensure their online safety.


SnapChat is one of the dangerous apps for iPhone. It’s typically about short videos with limited viewing time. The notion of temporary encourages users to send and receive photos, messages, and videos.  As such, it’s easy for kids to get exposed to inappropriate content.  


Kids use their mobile phones to converse with friends, and this is a good thing. However, you should watch what they do with their mobiles. Some take advantage of the many dangerous messaging apps for kids available apps to exchange images, texts, or unsuitable content.  




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