Don't Crack Your Phone! How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Don’t Crack Your Phone! How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe



If you’ve ever purchased a smartphone, you know how expensive it can be. And how easy it can be to accidentally drop and crack your phone and end up with an expensive eyesore. Which is why you should invest in protecting your phone from the moment you purchase it. 

Curious what you can do to keep your phone from cracking or breaking? Or what types of phone cases work better than others? In this article, we’re sharing tips and advice on how to keep your phone as safe as possible. 

Don’t Crack Your Phone or Break It! Tips on How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe 

Do you have a habit of dropping your phone and cracking your screen? Want to avoid needing to replace your screen (or phone entirely)? Here are some smart solutions for keeping your phone safe. 

Keep Your Phone in a Safe Place 

Do you tend to throw your phone on your bed or accidentally leave it in precarious situations? If so, you should aim to start storing your phone in a convenient and safe place. Pick a specific spot like your dresser or bedside table to store your phone when you’re not using it, so it’s less likely to fall. 

Refrain from leaving it on the edge of your countertop or bed and try not to place it anywhere that’s high off ground. By doing this, you can reduce the risk of your phone falling and cracking. 

Don’t Place Your Phone Near Liquids 

Avoiding cracks is important, but what’s even more important is avoiding water damage. That’s because accidental spills or water submersion can destroy your phone in a matter of seconds. Even prolonged exposure to steam can cause moisture to sink into your phone and short-circuit the hardware inside of it. 

So, avoid placing your phone near liquids or drinks. It’s especially important that you don’t leave it near your sink or toilet or anybody of liquid it can easily be submerged in. If you do, chances are you won’t be able to save your phone even if you try your best. 

Protect Your Phone from Extreme Temperatures 

Did you know extreme temperatures can cause a variety of phone issues, including screen problems, internal hardware failure, and even battery death? That’s why it’s important to avoid using your phone if it’s less than freezing or above 95 degrees outside. 

If you do plan to be outside in extreme heat, keep your phone in a shady spot. Your phone will most likely alert you in the case of extreme heat, but don’t rely on that notification to take action and protect it. 

Get a Screen Protector 

If you’re someone who’s fearful of dropping your phone or accidentally damaging it, you should consider purchasing a screen protector. These cases can protect your phone against spills, submersions, and falls quite effectively. 

There are two major screen protector types you can choose from tempered glass and plastic. Tempered glass screen protectors, while more expensive, tend to be super durable and can effectively protect your phone against scratches and cracks.  

Plastic screen protectors are pretty cheap, but they can sometimes be quite durable. They aren’t as durable as tempered glass, however, so there is still a slight chance that your phone could end up cracked or scratched if the damage is significant enough. 

Whether you rarely drop the phone or do so all the time, a screen protector is well worth the investment. Spending $10 on a case is much more preferred than spending $100 or more for screen repairs.  

Or, Upgrade to a Quality Phone Case 

Screen protectors are great. But they most likely won’t be enough if you have a habit of dropping your phone. In those scenarios, you’ll want to buy a phone case, which will protect every part of your phone, including the corners, edges, and back. 

There are many types of phone cases available, including plastic, leather, wood, carbon fiber, and even fabric. If you’re someone who drops your phone a lot, we recommend going with a flexible case that is easy to grip. 

And if you’re someone who prefers to keep everything in one place, you can go with a wallet phone case that lets you easily store your credit cards as well as cash. 

Looking for a new phone case? Visit this website to browse options!  

What to Do If You Crack Your Phone 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to fully protect your phone even if you employ all of the tips and protections listed above. But there are still things you can do if you crack or damage your phone. Here are tips to follow should this situation occur to you: 

Check Your Insurance 

The first thing to do if you crack your phone is to see if you have phone insurance for that. If you do, chances are you can simply send your phone away for a quick fix. This will require you to go without a phone for a few days, but it will most likely be free of charge. 

Watch Phone Repair Tutorials 

Do you prefer the DIY approach? Then you could fix your cracked screen yourself! There are many guides online that can walk you through how to efficiently replace your phone at little to no cost. 

But if you’re not good at fixing things, we don’t recommend this approach. That’s because you can easily screw up and end up totally breaking your phone. 

Pay for Broken Screen Repair 

Do you want a professional to repair your phone? Well, you’ve got two options. You can either go through your phone’s official manufacturer or reach out to a third-party repair shop. 

Official repair tends to be quite expensive, but you’re guaranteed a proper fix. A third-party repair can be cost-effective, but if you go to the wrong place you could end up with only a short-term fix. Be sure to read reviews for any repair shop in advance to make sure you’re leaving your phone in capable hands. 

Ready to Protect Your Phone? 

As a phone owner, the last thing you want to do is crack your phone. But chances are you will if you don’t take protective measures. By following the tips in this article, you can do everything you can to keep your phone in tip-top shape. 

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