The Benefits of Using vCIOs and Managed IT for Your Company
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The Benefits of Using vCIOs and Managed IT for Your Company

The Benefits of Using vCIOs and Managed IT for Your Company

Considering your options for digitization but don’t want to hire a CIO? A vCIO may be a better bet for your business.

If your company doesn’t have a CIO, or Chief Information Officer, and you’re trying to make changes to keep up with digitization, you may want to consider the possibility of using a virtual CIO (vCIO) to help guide your progress. There is a wide range of different benefits, but there are three specific ones that most of our clients seem to find helpful. Here’s a quick look at these benefits to help you get started.

Benefits of Using vCIOs to Foster Company Growth

What exactly is a vCIO? A CIO handles your company’s overall IT strategy, manages your data and makes sure that your digital assets are running in peak condition, and is an employee of your business. However, for many smaller businesses, hiring someone to handle this part of the company full-time is excessive given their company’s needs. In these situations, a virtual CIO, typically a highly-trained individual from a managed IT services company,

Instead of having to deal with tech providers, vCIOs handle it for you.

Are you tired of having to deal with the double-talk from tech providers, promising that their solution will do everything but wash the dishes in the breakroom when it actually provides virtually nothing in terms of real benefits? What about the latest digitization technology or service? Will it work with your next anticipated change in the digitization process or will it end up being money wasted in the future?

When you contract with a vCIO, that company or individual can then handle these type of inquiries, and with the technical knowledge they possess, can determine whether the product or service can actually provide a solid benefit for your business. Instead of wasting your time trying to determine whether that product will work well for your business and strategy, you can simply hand off responsibility for the decision to your vCIO and get back to business.

We know what works well and what doesn’t.

Since we work with a wide range of clients, we’re able to tell you where other clients have had pitfalls and how to avoid them. The same applies to customer successes and how to achieve the same. Our vCIOs work with a number of different customers, and they can apply that experience to your business’ needs.

If you were to hire in a CIO for your business, there’s a good chance that they won’t receive that regular feedback and experience. Though they may do a good job of taking your company forward and forming a solid strategy, they don’t have that experience to fall back on. This means that they won’t be as experienced in determining whether one solution or another is the best bet for your company’s needs.

We act as your technology advisor.

This means we provide you with solid advice on how to make a smooth transition or changes to your business. Are you considering new software? If you are, but you’re not quite sure how it will mesh with your other operations, systems or technology, wouldn’t you rather have someone who could tell you if it was a good decision and make alternative recommendations if needed? What about that new hardware? Will it work with your other technology or into your overall strategy?

In today’s world, a lot of technical change is happening based on the process of digitization. However, if you don’t have a solid grasp of how it works, how it will interconnect your company’s IT assets and what the end result should look like, it’s very difficult to form a solid strategy to get there. Our vCIOs understand how these changes are taking place and can help ensure that your company doesn’t waste a lot of time, money and resources by simply throwing darts at the problem. We’ll help you develop a solid strategy to work through the process.

If you consider these benefits and the many more that can be realized by your company, a vCIO may be a great option to explore. This allows you to take advantage of the changes digitization is providing without the risk of making poor decisions or not having a proper strategy in place. If you’re interested in learning more about whether a vCIO can help your company grow, we’d be happy to help you find out. Please feel free to reach out today to talk with our technical professionals about your options.


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