Designing A Perfect Logo: Dos And Don’ts Of Logo Designing
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Designing A Perfect Logo: Dos And Don’ts Of Logo Designing

Designing A Perfect Logo: Dos And Don’ts Of Logo Designing

As we move in to the digital realm, there will be more eyes on your brand than there were ever before. This is where a unique and memorable logo design comes in handy. A perfect logo design just doesn’t help you in making a visual identity of your business; it also helps in conveying your business message.

It may seem easy to design a logo, but it requires critical thinking and skills to get it right. A logo is an important aspect of making a successful brand, and it is essential that your potential customers understand the essence of your company through the logo. Crafting a logo that showcases your unique personality needs hard work, creativity and the basic understanding of the things that makes a perfect design.

However when it comes to making an investment on the design, it is not just the money or time you put into it, but it also requires your attention to be able to represent your business. Designing a logo, as said above, is not an easy task. So here are some mistakes that you can avoid while designing a logo.

Font choice

A font style can make or break your logo. Choosing silly fonts or infamous fonts can make your brand look unprofessional. Every font style has its own personality—so does your organization. Making a hand-drawn font style logo design vs. choosing the one that gives a more serious look can present a different meaning to the audience.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and types of fonts, but make sure that the font you choose makes an impact on the audience.

Avoid complexity in design

Making a design that is too messy can be overwhelming for the viewers, and they will quickly lose their interest in your brand. Keeping it simple can show the true essence of your organization and make it memorable for your business prospects. Remember, a simple design is easier to convey a business message.

Comparatively, adding too much in your design—be it colors, shapes, images or even fonts—can lose the legibility and brand recognition of the organization resulting in making a negative impact on the audience.

Keep it simple but not too simple

Where simplicity can make a logo design easy to remember, an abstract design can make it more confusing for the audience to fill in the blanks. You are making the logo as a pictorial representation of the company and not having a picture to interpret can be complex for the audience.

Don’t be afraid to add details but remember that you don’t require much to communicate with the audience. All you need are some details—including colors, fonts, and spacing— that can be the foundation of your design.

Never copy a design

Make sure to research before you start with the designing process. Having a design that is similar to your competitors can interfere with your marketing efforts, and as a result, you could lose the attention of your audience to the competitor.

Worse than having to lose to the competitors is getting sued by them for copyright violation, which can have a devastating result on your sales. Many experts claim that using a poor online logo creator can be a cause for copyright violation as it does not allow the user to change the design of the template. Companies use online logo creator which have similar templates which could lead to the copyright violation. Therefore companies should choose Ai based online logo generator tool that allow them to tweak the logo template as much as required to formulate a new identity.

Don’t use pixel images

It is necessary for a designer to use vector images in place of pixels. Living in an era where internet and smartphones are used for marketing the product, a pixel image can give a pixelated making a negative impact on the audience.

Comparatively, a vector image can be scaled according to the users across all mediums without losing its quality. You can use adobe illustrator or similar software to make vector images instead of using Adobe Photoshop.

Do not depend on the trends

There is a significant difference between cliché and following the trend. While staying up to date on the trend in the designing industry is important for a company, you can always experiment with designs to make your logo timeless. Depending on the trends can be beneficial for a little while but it soon loses its steam as well as the interest of the audience.

Avoid too many colors

Just like picking the right font for our design has its importance; choosing the right color in the logo is even more important. Colors have their own worth and can communicate with the viewers in a nonverbal way. Using too many colors in the design can make a logo unsophisticated and crowded.

A better way out is to shape the design before you start with the colors. Once you have the basic understanding of the design, you’ll have the idea about what color can best describe your business message without losing the essence of the organization.

Don’t stray away from the message

Having a clear understanding of your business message helps you in designing a perfect logo. Make sure that before you move on with the designing process, you have the understanding of your visions, goals, and motives of your business.

List down all the words that are best describing your business and make sure that you reflect with your visual identity that you are trying to create for your organization.




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