Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views
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Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views

Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views

Are you planning to give a kick start to your business by uploading your content on YouTube. You have planned to buy YouTube views as you too feel that it will speed up the process of your success and will make you look more authoritative. Then you have come to the right place as we are going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of buying YouTube views. Every minute hundreds of videos are uploaded on a popular video streaming site YouTube, so, you need to do some hard work in order to stand apart.  We’ve been conducting research for the same for quite a while now and now we are pretty much familiar with the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. We want to make your work easier by giving you a complete list of all the pros and cons. So here you go.

Pros of buying YouTube views

Strengthens social proof:  Buying views is a quick and easy way to strengthen your video and brand’s Social Proof. This means it will enhance your reputation and social standing, so people are more inclined to watch your videos, trust you, or buy something from you.

Views appear to be organic: Buying views from high quality providers will make your views appear to be more natural. People won’t be able to figure out that you have bought them. You can buy extra signals of engagement like comments and likes that will add more value to it.

Makes you an Authority : With tons of views, your audience is likely to treat you as a popular authority figure in your niche. It helps your business grow faster and helps you in building your reputation as an expert.

Helps you make more money:  More views mean more money. It is going to fetch you more money from all the avenues. Whether you earn with Partnerships, Adwords or sell products or services on your own website.

Search Rankings likely to get better: Quantity defies quality sometimes. More views will help your video rank better on YouTube and Google search results. The influx of viewers watching your video is always going to be recognized by YouTube and it will place it higher on relevant search results.

To get attention: Being a celebrity and having a huge fan following guarantees a high rate of success of your video. But when it’s not the case, you are supposed to do something that could help you get noticed by real viewers. So buying views will get you more viewers and more attention.

Cons of buying YouTube views

Risk of penalty increases: The risk of being penalized by YouTube and Google is likely to get increased. Your account becomes susceptible to suspension. You try to cheat them but if you are caught doing that, it could turn against you.

Will yield unnatural results:  Sometimes the views you gain appear to be unnatural especially when not bought from higher-quality providers. Such views appear to be superficial as there are hardly any comments or shares or have come all at once. Buying views from high quality provider could be a solution to this problem.

Beware of scam: Beware of the tons of providers that offer cheap and low quality views. Your account could be banned as these views are usually delivered by bots or sometimes it leads to your video removal.

Ad Revenue suffers: If you are planning to make money by buying views then you need to give it a second thought as views you buy are different from organic views.  User engagement is almost zero; it won’t help you to make much and may end up leaving YouTube/Google in the process. You cannot make money directly in this process though you make it indirectly.

It doesn’t really hit your real target audience: Practice of buying more views doesn’t help in making new customers and fans so this strategy sometimes proves to be a failure. It is generally viewed by those who have been paid for watching your video but have no interest in it other than the money. Always keep in mind that your motive is to increase the number of viewers who are actually going to be the buyers of your company. Your overall sales will only increase when you will get actual buyers not from the paid ones.

So, We can conclude that buying YouTube views for giving a boost to your business is not a bad idea but one should keep in mind that you just can’t leave everything upon it. You have to take some major precautions like buying views from high end providers and they should not look fake. It should not make your video vulnerable to the removal process of the YouTube and Google.


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