SecureTribe Review: Secure Social Networking Made Easy
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SecureTribe Review: Secure Social Networking Made Easy

SecureTribe Review: Secure Social Networking Made Easy

With the rise in hacking incidents, people have become more and more cautious when browsing the web or posting on social media networks. Putting your information out there is a risky endeavor because you never know who may get access to it. Threats like identity theft and fraud have become increasingly common and this can pave way for a multitude of problems. Does this mean you have to disconnect yourself from everyone? Definitely not. You can enjoy a solution in the form of the SecureTribe app for the iPhone.

This is an advanced social network that has been developed with your security and privacy in mind. Boasting a beautiful interface, is the perfect fit for parents who want to share their kids’ pictures, videos and other beautiful memories without worrying about predators exploiting them. People also have the freedom of deciding who can view their personal information and can restrict anyone they like. As a matter of fact, even bands, artists, professionals and models find SecureTribe very useful for sharing their content and other news with their fans. How? You can use the app for creating two kinds of content sharing groups; Public Tribes and Private Tribes.

As the name indicates, Public Tribes are great for sharing content with anyone who is part of the SecureTribe community. This makes it a great platform for artists, models, athletes, bands etc. to share their content like videos of great performances, behind the scenes photographs or details of events. They can even create limited time subscriptions for their content like providing public access only for 30 days or other similar offers for promotional purposes. As far as Private Tribes are concerned, all shared content is kept secure with strong encryption and only authorized users are granted access. You don’t have to worry about your work colleagues accidentally coming across your private photos. You can have as many tribes as you want.

There is no risk of any content leaking from one tribe to another as these tribes are not even listed anywhere thereby rendered undiscoverable. Only when you send an invitation can someone join your tribe. There is also built-in chat that allows you to stay connected with others and you have the freedom of liking and rating content as per your preference. Download it right away on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS platform and enjoy secure social networking to stay stress-free.


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