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Some Brilliant Tips on Writing a Cover Letter

Some Brilliant Tips on Writing a Cover Letter

While a resume remains one of the most important tool in a job hunt, it is not the only arrow in your arsenal. Your cover letter holds equal importance in this regard because it creates a good first impression on a possible employer. Therefore, if you are searching for a job, you should carve out some time to ensure that the cover letter is impeccable because it can boost your chances of landing the dream job. If you are unsure of how to write the perfect cover letter, here are some instructions that can help you out:

  1. Find a job tip, posting or advertising that appeals to you and ensure that you are actually qualified for the position available. Hundreds of letters are received by busy employers so it is better not to waste your time or theirs.
  2. The paper and letterhead style that you intend to use for your cover letter should match that of your resume. A solid first impression can be made in this way.
  3. According to an expert from this Career Blog, if you are unaware of the person who will be reviewing your resume, it is best for you to skip the salutation altogether. However, try calling the company and asking the receptionist to provide you with a name and title because it is better to address the letter to a particular individual.
  4. You need to grab the attention of the reader from the get go in order to make them keep reading your cover letter and resume. You need to distinguish yourself from the pack early on to stay ahead in the race.
  5. In the first paragraph, do mention why you are interested in the job opportunity and from where you found out about it.
  6. The second and third paragraphs should be devoted to establishing a professional image. This can be done by highlighting your most significant qualifications and accomplishments. But, bear in mind that quoting your resume verbatim is a definite no-no.
  7. Instead of focusing on what you hope to get from this potential job, clarify what contributions you can make to the employer’s company. The former can be discussed when you go for an interview.
  8. In the last paragraph, you should remind the reader that your education, qualifications and experience will be further explained in your resume. A personal interview should be requested and you should mention the time when you are available.
  9. End the letter by telling the reader that you are looking forward to hearing from the organization and reassert your enthusiasm for learning more about the job position and unique opportunity.
  10. Your document should be double-checked for any spelling or grammar mistakes; if necessary, you can refer to a stylebook. You will leave a bad impression on your employers with your carelessness.
  11. Use a good laser printer or ink-jet printer for printing out your cover letter. This is only necessary when you are posting your resume and cover letter rather than emailing it to potential employers.

Follow these instructions and you will have a good cover letter for any job position.