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Getting deeper into the concept of static IP address

Getting deeper into the concept of static IP address

Everyone around the world is used to using the internet. We have routers all around the corner to make the internet available to us. The protocol that helps us in the process is known as Internal Protocol. It is the backbone that makes the whole process possible. Best router IP tool can help you find your IP address. Without it, there would be no internet. However, you might have known that one of the types of IP address is present in the static address. In this section, we would discuss the details of the static address.

The need of the static address

This is the fixed address that is provided to the computer. The address does not change. Best router IP tool can help you check if your IP address changes or not. The dynamic address is one that is different for different devices at different times. Therefore, a user can never have the same address so if one wants to locate a particular device then he can never do that because the address is not fixed. Consider the websites that are located on the server, if the server’s address keeps on changing then no one can locate the website. Hence, the server requires a fixed address so that it can be located on the internet. This way all the people can know how to contact your website and view it.

Internet Service Providers assign IP addresses dynamically to the user. The whole reason for the dynamic address is that the ISP has shortages of address and hence they cannot provide the IP address to all the users. Having a static address can help you control IoT. IoT is the trending topic through which you can control all the devices of the house such as the cameras, lights, television etc. However, the IoT does not provide you with a static address, but there are devices, such as the IP cameras that make use of the static address.

If you want to use the remote access service of the router then a changing IP address will never be able to provide the control. For that, you require a fixed address that can be located anytime. It is also helpful if you want to host a website from your home. If you want a static address then you can contact the service provider. However, if you want to rent a static address then you are more likely to pay a rental fee for the service with a monthly plan.

Advantages of the static IP address

The static IP address supports the use of a name in replacement of the IP number. This makes it really easy for the address to be located on the internet. It is much easier to remember a name than an IP number for the detection and recovery of the device. In addition to that, the static address is always the same and hence it is much easier to execute transmission of data over the internet. The download and upload are also faster if the address is static.

The static address helps to protect the network better than the DHCP address. It prevents attack a little better than what the DHCP have done. There are also some DHCP that are not supported by the several network devices. Hence the static assignment can help all the devices on the network to avoid conflicts and clash with the addresses.

The static Address Assignment

Thus in the above section, it is said why you would want to use a static address. Businesses are more open to static address because they need a fixed address. But home too is in the requirement to have to use the address to have it use for the websites. To install a static address isn’t that easy. It is a clever thing to take the assistance of a technician for the purpose. There is arrange that are assigned have a static address. The address has to be chosen from the private IP range. The range is a wide range that supports any IP that you wish for. However, the long list does not mean that you can use any of the address. Some of the addresses are reserved for certain things. The IP address that has .0 and .255 at the suffice are reserved for the network protocol. The address and 192.168.01 are the static address of your ISP’s network router. It is the page that gives details about your network. Hence, you have some limitation to choose the address you want.

Disadvantages of static IP address

The first disadvantage of the static IP address is that it has to be configured manually by the user. If you are to set the devices of your home web server or the remote access facility then you have to input the IP address manually. So you have to look for an appropriate address that is suitable to be used. In addition to that, it has to be configured properly in order to order to make the communication between devices smooth. The dynamic IP addresses are set by the DHCP automatically. It reduces the effort as soon as the router is connected. But in the case of the static address, it has to be manually set.

The static addresses are more vulnerable to hacks since the address is always the same one. If a person gets to know the IP address then he can use it to hack into the router. In case of dynamic address, the hackers need to keep track of the IP address in order to gain access to the network. That is not possible. The hackers would have to keep changing the way they communicate with the router. It becomes extremely difficult in such a case.

The dynamic IP address comes in free with the internet plan. However, if you want to have a static address then you have to pay extra to the ISP for the desired address. You might have seen that the people who want a domain for the websites have to pay a certain amount to take the domain for rent. The same goes for the static address for your home.


Static addresses are good as well as bad. However, the decision is completely depended on the situation. It is your priorities that help decide which you want to choose and which to ignore.