PHP And JavaScript In Programming
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PHP and JavaScript In Web Programming

PHP And JavaScript In Programming

If you have just started to take interest in web programming, you might want to familiarize yourself with the most important languages that are used in web programming. There are many languages that could be learned but most of the people learn the most commonly used ones because you would want to get a job on the basis of languages you know. Furthermore, for effective programming and dynamic results, you should learn various programming languages. Your sense and understanding of these languages can make you a good or the best programmer for the company you are working for.

Before you choose a career in programming field, it is of significant importance that you know about the integral components of programming. First thing you would want to do is search on the internet for information about web programming. Remember, you might be confusing the idea of web programming and designing: these are two completely different worlds however associated with each other somehow. If you want to work on websites, web services and applications but not be known for your work, you can go for programming. Visitors can’t tell much about website programming after even visiting the website for a dozen times. Most of the times they give remarks to website design.

As you choose web programming, you will know about many languages but the most commonly used ones are PHP, JavaScript, C#, PERL, Python etc. Today, you will know about PHP and JavaScript and if you think these two languages fascinate you to learn web programming, you can start learning today.

PHP as a Programming Language

If you want to produce some dynamic web pages, you sure want to learn PHP. If you have done enough research on web programming you must be aware of server and client side coding. So, PHP is the scripting language and most suitable for coding the server side queries. The best part about PHP is the ability to embed it into HTML. So if you already have an HTML source document, you can insert your program created in PHP into the document without actually creating a new document and integrating it on the website. If you are looking for a career by learning PHP, it should be good news for you that roughly 20 million websites on the internet are currently making use of this language as their server side coding.

The acronym PHP is a recursive one and it stands for hypertext preprocessor – it will surely be confusing for many to see why the acronym doesn’t match the full form. Several versions of the language have already come out and it possible that by the time you are done learning the language, you will be working on PHP 6.

JavaScript As A Programming Language

Go anywhere on the internet and you will find JavaScript in use because it is omnipresent in the world of internet. It is a scripting language and is known for its dynamics. Though there are similarities between JavaScript and C++ but they are not the same and you will be introduced to new concepts while learning JavaScript even if you are a master of C++. The most dynamic websites are dynamic because they are using JavaScript in their programming. Since it used for enhancing the experience of users on the website you should know that it is a client side coding language.

The language has an extensive use and anyone who knows this language is prepared to work in a big company on the basis of its knowledge. It is not limited to web applications and services instead it can be used for desktop applications as well. PDF documents and many other desktop widgets are the common examples of JavaScript usage.


Though it is always dependent on a person’s on perception and knowledge of scope to choose a career path but it is still recommended to anyone who wants to be a programmer to get some knowledge of these languages. Not to forget, both these languages are two of the most commonly used programming languages today.


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