E-commerce Logging – Why Understanding Site Data Is Critical to Success

E-commerce Logging – Why Understanding Site Data Is Critical to Success

E-commerce Logging – Why Understanding Site Data Is Critical to Success

It’s official: online shopping is the new normal. From exotic cars to far away vacations, we can buy just about anything online today. This means e-commerce is having it’s biggest boom yet. By 2021, global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion. What separates the big-name players like Amazon from smaller businesses just getting started? According to the latest trends, this all comes down to the user experience.

The term user experience refers to how your users interact with your website, the ease of use, and the ability of your website to keep up with demands. When it comes to the user experience, the performance of your website matters more than ever. Just a few seconds of delay or error when loading your website is enough to turn users off to your business. E-commerce logging makes it easy to identify problem areas on your website before the impact the user experience.

E-Commerce & Preventing Problems

It’s impossible to prevent 100% of problems, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive. Logging is the recording of events that occur on your website server or the platform. By keeping this accurate record, you can easily find potential problems before they happen. If something does go wrong, you’ll have a roadmap for locating the problem.

Logging will also help during the diagnosis process, thus reducing any downtime. If you don’t’ have an accurate log, your developers will need to search for where exactly something went wrong. This can take significant time, and time is money in the world of e-commerce. For more information on website logging, review PHP Logging Basics -The Ultimate Guide to Logging.

Securing Information

In today’s society, online security is a big topic. Every day we hear about a new breach of information, even for big-name companies. This can have catastrophic effects on the reputations of these organizations, and that’s why it’s essential you find ways to protect yourself against the same fate.

Logging is an effective measure to protect against cybersecurity. If you have a logging tool, you can identify attempted cyber attacks and discover weak sections of your website before they’re suspectable. You need to take your customers’ data seriously if you want to build trust in e-commerce.

Analyzing Key Metrics

Another bonus of utilizing logging technology is that it provides valuable insights. Understanding your customers is a must if you want to create a user experience built with their goals in mind. Through logging, you can learn more about their demographics and other key metrics. On the demographic side, you can identify where they’re from.

Beyond demographics, you can also see how users are interacting with your website. You can see how long they spend browsing pages, how much traffic you get organically, and what times of day people are most active. This information will help you make better decisions about your business.

Search Engine Crawling

Crawling is a big part of your search engine ranking. Logging can help you establish whether or not your key pages have been crawled. They provide crawl counts and any errors picked up by search engines. This is extremely important for e-commerce websites who need to optimize content to reach the top of search engine pages.

Including logging in your search engine optimization strategy is an easy way to stop making small mistakes. You can also learn about top link referrers to a website and other valuable SEO information that’s worth your analysis.

Final Thoughts

Website data is a valuable resource. Don’t pass up on logging your e-commerce website when it means a better, safer experience for your customers. You can’t afford to lose time and money to an error, and you want to find new ways to serve your customers effectively. Utilizing logging software and technology for your own website is easy, and it’s well worth the effort.