Apple Wins on Samsung’s Turf
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Apple Wins on Samsung’s Turf

Apple Wins on Samsung’s Turf

Samsung Electronics claim that three of its patents were violated by the iPhone and iPad of Apple Inc. was rejected by a Seoul court. Losing at its own home turf is yet another blow for the South Korean electronics giant, which is embroiled in a global battle with the iPhone maker regarding rights to technologies that give power to smartphones and tablet devices. It was ruled by a Seoul District Court judge on Thursday that Samsung’s intellectual property rights were not violated by Apple Inc. The technology that’s part of two of Samsung’s patents could be developed by others independently very easily according to Judge Shim Woo-Yong. Therefore, it’s unlikely that these patents were copied by the American giant.

The judge also added that the iPad did not even use one of the patents. Steve Park, one of the spokesmen of Apple Inc. stated that the company was pleased to note that the Korean court was also supporting those who are in favor of real innovation and reject the ridiculous claims that are usually made by Samsung. It was in March 2012 that this trial between Apple and Samsung started when Samsung sued the Cupertino-California based firm, accusing the phone maker of using three of its patents illegally, which were related to short message services in tablet computers and smartphones.

100 million won that equals to about $95,000 was the amount that was demanded as compensation by the maker of Galaxy smartphones, along with a ban to be imposed on the sales of six models of the iPhone and the iPad. This list included models that are still available in the market like the ones that have Retina display. It was clearly stated by the judge that the patent owned by Samsung Electronics that was related to a multitasking technology, which was used for preventing incomplete messages being lost when users switch to other applications was not violated because of the existence of similar patents.

He said that it was easily possible to develop a technology, which would allow users to access a message by touching the notification box. Shim further asserted that another patent of Samsung Electronics, one that displayed short messages sent by the same sender together was not utilized at all in the iPad of Apple Inc. Instead, the device boasts the iMessage application belonging to the company. This ruling is the latest setback for the South Korean technology giant, which already owes the American firm $930 million as per the two jury rulings that were made in Silicon Valley.

Samsung is planning to appeal both rulings. The battles of the top two smartphone makers have been ongoing since the year 2011. Samsung expressed its disappointment at the ruling made by the South Korean court and said they would make a thorough review and then decide whether to appeal the decision or not. The company said that they would continue to take appropriate measures to prevent Apple from infringing their intellectual property rights constantly. So far, the two verdicts in Silicon Valley have proven to be a serious blow for the company.


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