6 Commonly Neglected Places in Your Home That Need Cleaning
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6 Commonly Neglected Places in Your Home That Need Cleaning

6 Commonly Neglected Places in Your Home That Need Cleaning

If you pride yourself in cleaning your house regularly and maintaining it hygienically, we appreciate your civic sense and commend your habits, but also leave you to question – Is everything clean? Recent surveys in the U.S. concluded that 60% of homeowners do not clean nooks and crannies and other places they don’t seem to bother about. You may well be part of that group – you probably don’t even know about it. No worries though, we’ve gathered a set of places that generally remain untouched and we’ve put it all here – so you know where to look for the cobwebs and dust.

Knobs and Handles

Knobs and handles may look sparkling clean but they happen to be the dirtiest parts of your house. As they come in contact with human fingers each day, lots of germs and bacteria pass onto them and stay there. In spite of being the easiest place to clean, this part of your house gets the least amount of attention. Use an antiseptic cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe them clean – they won’t take you more than a few minutes each day.


Fans turn out to be left uncleaned for months at end. These of course, not only happen to be the ones on the ceiling, but the exhaust fans too. The ceiling fan needs to be cleaned periodically, maybe once a week. While we understand how busy you may be, you need not worry. If you’re in Scotland, do take a look at commercial cleaning services in Edinburgh for a professional touch of cleanliness. We advise you to be cautious if you wish to clean your fans yourself.

Curtains, Carpets and Mattresses

Curtains, carpets and mattresses are places people seldom worry about. You could do a quick vacuum for your carpet, but this is not enough. These need to be bundled up and sent to the laundry where they must be cleaned and dried properly before them return to make your room look pretty again. Mattresses, curtains and carpets may turn out to be hiding spots for pests and spiders, so you must keep them tidy all year. Here’s a guide for your curtains.

In the Fridge

You store all of your food in the fridge, but is the appliance clean throughout? Probably not. The fridge is generally covered with stains, ice and this needs to be cleaned. If there is such a provision, remove the shelves individually and wash them in the sink. This should be done at least once in a month – that’s the least we can suggest you. Cleaning a refrigerator is really important.


Cleaning your furniture properly takes a lot of time, effort and patience. You need to clear out all the stuff that has been packed into your chests, drawers and cupboards. The, using a clean dry cloth, clean the ledges, walls and the insides of the doors. Since it is practically impossible to clean all of the furniture in a day, divide your work over a week or two. Keeping your furniture clean keeps the contents in them clean too.

The Oven

You probably never think of cleaning inside the oven. Look into the oven and you’ll find stains on the plate. This may in turn damage or permanently mark the oven plate. Take a clean cloth to wipe the walls inside the oven.  Detach the plate and wash it thoroughly and with great care. Only replace it after ensuring that it is dry. For the outside, use a cleaning spray. Refrain from using any liquid on the vents – it might damage the system.

That was quite a lot of places to look at. We suggest you be off quick – arm yourself with a broom and rid your house of that dirt – it’s not too difficult. You must also remember to look at these spots the next time you clean and if you forget, we’ve always got this list to your rescue.