Acrylic Sheet

Why You Should Go for Acrylic Sheet Instead of Glass

Acrylic Sheet

Material engineering is at its peak these days. You have replacements for things you would have never thought in the past would get replaced. If you are looking to install a display at your shop, buy display cases, erect a promotional sign or put a fish tank for decoration in the corner, you don’t necessarily have to go with glass. Acrylic is a perfect replacement for glass today. Here is why you should go with acrylic rather than glass.

Acrylic Is Available in Any Size

Acrylic can be used in just about any place where you can use glass. You can find acrylic sheets in any sizes you want. In fact, you can have acrylic sheet cut to size to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need a display case or protection for your walls, acrylic is the answer.

Acrylic Is Impact Resistant

Acrylic already has the advantage of looking just like glass. You will have a hard time distinguishing between the two if you are not an expert. However, it somewhat beats glass when it comes to impact resistance. In addition to that, glass breakage accidents can be extremely dangerous whereas that’s not the case when acrylic breaks. Keep in mind, acrylic is nearly 20 times stronger than glass and thus offers safer applications as well.

Acrylic Can be Any Colour

You can find acrylic sheets in any colour you can imagine. Not only that, you can get many effects in those colours as well. You can go with glossy or matt finish to suit your needs. You have tinted acrylic as well. One of the famous acrylic effects is frosted. Fluorescent acrylic is in a completely different league as well.

If you don’t know already, acrylic can be used as a mirror as well. If you are in a situation in which you need glass for some purpose, it is best that you try acrylic first.


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