2018’s Top Internet Service Providers in Silicon Valley

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2018’s Top Internet Service Providers in Silicon Valley

Internet Usage in California:

California is ranked at 9th position in the top 10 USA’s states according to per capita income. Being a prosperous state, it holds a significant proportion of internet users. According to the latest survey by U.S Census Bureau, 94.5% of Californians enjoy the faster home internet speed starting from 25 Mbps.

Silicon Valley; Only the Best Survives Here:

California is home State of the world-famous tech hub Silicon Valley. The town mostly comprises the upper-middle class people. The primary profession of the residents is IT. As it is an epicenter of top tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and IBM; only those providers can survive which provide the exceptional services. So if any company compromises the quality, it will be thrown out of the competition.

Here’s a brief look on the top internet service providers in the area.

Charter Spectrum Cable:

Spectrum in California is regarded as the best cable internet provider. It offers the reliable services to the tech inhabitants of the town. Its Triple Play Packages include the TV and Voice services along with the internet.

  1. Triple Play Select:

In this package, the customer will get

  • 125 free HD TV channels
  • Faster internet speed starting from 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited internet bandwidth
  • Free unlimited local calling in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and many other countries
  1. Triple Play Silver:

This package offers

  • 175+ free HD TV channels
  • Many premium channels
  • Internet and Voice service are same
  1. Triple Play Gold:

This package offers

  • 200+ Free HD TV channels
  • More premium channels than Silver category
  • Internet & Voice services are same

Additional Benefits:

  • Free Wi-Fi router
  • Free Public Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Free installation
  • Free DVR service
  • Spectrum TV app to watch movies and shows for free
  • Free Security Suite
  • Free Parental Controls
  • Contract Buyout up to $500
  • No extra fee or hidden charges

For more details about the packages, contact My Cable Internet which is an official retailer of Charter.

Comcast Xfinity:

Comcast Xfinity also provides the telecommunication services under Triple Play banner.

It has three types.

  1. Standard Triple Play:

This offer gives

  • 125+ HD channels
  • 100 Mbps internet speed
  • Unlimited free calling in the US
  1. Select Triple Play:
  • 210+ HD channels
  • Premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME
  • 150 Mbps speed
  • Unlimited free calling in the US
  1. Signature Triple Play:
  • 219+ HD channels
  • Premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, STARZ
  • 400 Mbps speed
  • Unlimited free calling in the US

Additional Benefits:

  • Free installation for a limited time
  • Free DVR service
  • Free Wi-Fi for home
  • Free public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • 30 days money back guarantee


AT&T provides the digital services in a different mode.

  1. Internet:

This package only gives the internet service

  • High-speed download and upload speed
  • S50 reward card
  1. Internet+ DIRECTV:

This package combines the TV and internet.

  • Faster internet
  • 155+ free HD channels
  • Premium channels HBO, Cinemax, Showtime free for first three months
  • S150 reward card
  1. Internet+ DIRECTV+ Digital Phone:

This triple play package gives

  • Faster internet
  • 155+ top channels
  • Premium channels HBO, Cinemax, Showtime free for first three months
  • Unlimited free calling nationwide
  • 25 calling features
  • $150 reward card

Additional Benefits:

  • No activation fee when ordering online
  • Free Wi-Fi router for home
  • Access to the nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot network
  • Smart Home Manager app for devices
  • Access to McAfee internet security suite

Verizon Fios:

Verizon provides the 100% fiber-optic services under the brand name of Fios.

  1. Internet Only:
  • 100 Mbps speed
  • No annual contract
  1. Fios Gigabit+ Custom TV+ Phone:
  • Gigabit speed (880-940 Mbps)
  • 155+ HD channels
  • Unlimited local calling in the US
  1. Fios Gigabit+ Traditional TV+ Phone:
  • Gigabit speed (880-940 Mbps)
  • 330+ channels (110+ HD)
  • Unlimited local calling in the US

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to 140,000 On-demand videos
  • 2-year price guarantee
  • S150 Visa Prepaid card limited time offer
  • S200 discount on Google and Nest home devices

For further details, call Verizon customer center.



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