Internet Can Become 50,000 Times Faster Very Soon
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Internet Can Become 50,000 Times Faster Very Soon

Internet Can Become 50,000 Times Faster Very Soon

Internet speed has always been a frustrating issue around the world. While technology keeps getting better and better every day, internet speeds have been causing people to get angrier with time. In most cases, people are not happy with the quality of voice and video they have to deal with when they are talking to their loved ones in other countries. However, things might be about to change completely as a new revolutionary improvement in technology could lead the internet connections to get 50,000 times faster than now. The credit for making such a great contribution goes to researches in the UK.

The research was done in London in University College London. The equipment that the researchers used to bring about this amazing improvement was nothing but fiber-optic – a name that most internet users are already aware of. The speeds that could be achieved with this new technology could go up to 1.125 terabits per second. This is currently a world record of internet speeds. HD stuff had always been a trouble for people to download because it took so much time. With the new technology people would be downloading the same high quality material within seconds.

Scientists who have worked on this technology said that the speeds of this connection would be 50,000 more than the speeds of average internet connections present in the UK. A 24Mbps connection is quite common in the UK. In fact, this is not little speed but companies that provide this speed consider it to be superfast internet speeds. Dr. Robert Maher said that this concept would completely change with the new technology they have come up with. He gave the example of Game of Thrones in HD and said that this technology would download the whole series in seconds whereas the average internet connection in the UK would take hours to do the same.

Things would be even worse for homes where the internet speeds are not more than 10Mbps. Researchers have dubbed this amazing technology as super channel technology. According to them the technology should completely change the way internet is being provided as a service by most ISPs. They have called this technology the next generation of current internet connections. Scientific Reports is the journal where the whole research and its results can be found. The fiber optic technology they have used for making these speeds possible is quite an old technology already.

The super-channel technology has allowed the researches to send 15 different pulses of light simultaneously. This amazing experiment resulted in faster transfer speeds on the fiber optic cables. Since the frequencies being sent through the cables will be different, a special receiver has been devised that would have no problem in receiving and processing these numerous frequencies at the same time. The technique used by the researches was also not new. They said that this technique is already in use in wireless connections where the wireless signals are distributed using this particular technique.

The researchers said that the best companies these days have some great fiber optic cables and it is possible on their cables to send data at a speed of around 100Gbps. However, even these great speeds are nothing compared to the speeds of transferring data possible with the super-channel technology. Dr. Maher said that they used only one receiver while performing the experiments on this technology and it worked perfectly to make the new record of fast internet transfers.

An important point to keep in mind while reading all this is that such speeds are checked and experimented only in the laboratories. The performance of almost any invention and product in the world reduces as it is checked in real world. Network signals and distance being covered by pulses of light will be the factors that would reduce the speeds of this technology. However, even with all these factors considered the people in homes with average internet connections will be able to enjoy speeds that are 10 times faster than their current connections. Researchers think that internet economy is going to get better by thousands of times because of how simple yet effective the new technology is.

Of course, this technology is still going under strict testing process. The researchers want to make sure that their technology does not come out a failure when tested in the real world. Anyone looking to find this technology in the market should stop doing so because commercial availability of the technology has not been made possible yet by the UCL researchers. The researchers have not considered their tests a success and so now they are going to test their technology in the real world.   They will send data using the fiber optic cables in the country and see if using this technology could improve the speeds of a previously slow internet connection.

There have been many public demands of splitting the BT into its two primary divisions, the Openreach and BT. It is because the public has been getting furious about the slow internet connections throughout the region for quite some time now. There are several statistical maps available online that show clear picture of the plight of internet connection in the UK. While some regions are enjoying great internet speeds, the number of areas that don’t have good internet connections is huge. It is also being said that such bad internet connections have made the businesses of UK useless.

If the new super-channel technology really works out to be successful, there will be another dilemma for the people of UK. They are already paying quite great amounts for good internet connections. Their monthly costs might go up when this new technology is implemented. Furthermore, companies will have to provide bigger limits on their data plans because the faster the internet is the quicker the bandwidth limits will be expired. Lastly, it will take quite some time for this technology to be available in all corners of UK and eventually all the corners of the world.


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