Reasons Why Your Child’s Dental Care Is Important
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Reasons Why Your Child’s Dental Care Is Important

Reasons Why Your Child’s Dental Care Is Important

Whether your child is one week old or reaches twelve months of life, their oral health is absolutely very important. Most children have lots of things happening in their mouth during the first year, specifically the eruption of their first baby tooth. You may think that your child’s dental care is breeze as there are no teeth so nothing to do or worry about.

Unfortunately, most parent do not find the importance of healthy baby teeth as they take it as a natural process where these teeth are going to be fallen out and replaced with the permanent ones. The negligence of baby teeth health, however, has several dental risks that can lead to long-term oral problems for a child.

Some of potential dental conditions that can be a result of negligence of baby teeth health are as below.


Some baby teeth can develop cavities though it is something to easily prevent in childhood. Eating sugary meals is common in children, even in babies. Sugar may cause bacteria growth in the mouth and create a plaque- a sticky deposit over the teeth and gums. This condition produces an acid that causes a serious damage to the enamel of teeth. Teeth with this condition are more likely to decay and grow holes in the enamels.

Gum Diseases

Children with poor oral hygiene practices are more susceptible to gum disease which can further result in lost teeth or severe damage to the jaw bone if not treated timely.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common oral problem in both kids and adults. In children, however, this condition can be a reason of gum problems, chronic sinusitis, digestive problems, and diabetes.

Crooked Teeth

Babies suck their thumbs as a source of comfort. However, prolonged thumb-sucking can result in crooked front teeth. If your child has grown their baby teeth out of alignment, they have higher probability to have their incoming permanent teeth misaligned or crooked as well.  If so, your child will need an orthodontic treatment to correct the position of their permanent teeth.


Also known as teeth grinding, bruxism is an instinctive condition. While a poor oral hygiene doesn’t cause this problem, regular dental visits can help diagnose Bruxism early and minimize the damage to baby teeth and any accompanying pain.

An early start in regular dental care for your child is a crucial while teaching them healthy lifetime habits. They should be told that no one can better guide them about oral health than pediatric dentists who are specialized in dental health care of children. Therefore, it is vitally important to start taking proper care of your baby’s oral health as early as possible in order to help them prevent dental problems. But, if the problem is right there, it is best to see a pediatric dentist in Port Orange who will take care of your little one’s dental problem and help them avoid bad eating habits and teach them how to care for their teeth. Also, they will motivate the child to feel good about visiting the dental clinic.