How to Increase Sales Conversions for E-commerce Using Product Visuals

How to Increase Sales Conversions for E-commerce Using Product Visuals

How to Increase Sales Conversions for E-commerce Using Product Visuals

If you are engaged in the e-commerce business, then you are bound to understand the challenge of pushing your conversion rates higher. You may also be implementing aggressive marketing techniques to help you out.

One strategy that you should add to your arsenal is harnessing the power of high-quality product visuals. Your customers, as humans, are visual creatures by nature. You are bound to capture the attention of your customers if you tap this innate affinity, which will eventually help improve your conversion rate.

Here are some concrete ways on how you can make use of product visuals to help increase your sales:

Make your Product Images Larger

It is a wise move to make your product images more visible by making them bigger. The goal is to capture the attention of your potential customers and then to strike them with winning product description.

Making use of small product images not only make them grab less attention, but also put stress on those who are really keen on seeing the pictures. There are sites who make use of photos that you’d have to really squint your eyes to, and this is something you should avoid. Make sure, though, that your product images remain clear and high-quality at the size they are on. You don’t want to have large but blurred images.

Make Use of Reviews and Demo Videos

Videos are also great visual formats that you can use in your favor. A good tactic is to implement videos as part of your marketing strategy. You can place reviews or demo videos on your product pages so that your customers would know more about the product.

Being unable to see the products for themselves, your customers would have to rely on secondary information about your product offerings so it’s best that they do so on resources you can control. So take the effort in creating videos that can entice your customers to make a purchase.

Tap your Customers’ Emotions with your Visuals

Marketers know how important it is to tap your customers’ emotions. Your customers’ emotions play a crucial role in their buying behavior and being able to tap this can help you make a lot more sales.

Your visuals should then be able to appeal to your customers’ emotions to convince them to actualize a purchase. For example, should you be selling beds or pillows, show visuals where the model feels really comfortable and relaxed? This will help convince your customers that your products can help them feel the same way, and thus compel them to complete the purchase of your products. Remember to do this for both product images and videos.

To help you get started, here’s a guide about DIY product photography from Shopify that will help you showcase your products visuals.

Make your CTA Buttons Stand Out

Your call-to-action buttons act as psychological triggers to what your customers should do. Usually, CTA buttons are subliminal messages on what you would want your customers to do such as subscribing, signing up, or adding a product to cart.

To make CTA buttons work in your favor, you will need to make the buttons more prominent as to be able to grab the attention of your customers. To do this, you must make use of CTA buttons that have colors that contrast is contrasting the page. Make your CTA buttons the first thing that your customers will see. Make them stand out to make them work for you.

Offer 360-degree View of your Products

Traditionally, products photos are shown two-dimensional. Some take it a bit further by capturing the product from various angles. But with today’s technology, you should be able to provide a 360-degree view of your products, showing them from all angles.

While this would require a more technical e-commerce photography, it is very helpful. It addresses the lack of in-person experience with your product offerings. Normally, you would wish to inspect products you wish to buy, meticulously looking at it from all possible angles. Being unable to do so because you’re shopping online, you should at least have the ability to replicate this and thus, a 360-degree image of your products is the best solution.

Bonus Tip: Use Stock Images

While it is recommended that you come up with a gallery if your own product photos, you may use stock images in cases that you lack the needed photo. There are lots of sites that offer stock images, and this can help you fill in product pages that would otherwise have no images.

Make Product Visuals Work for You

Your customers’ affinity to good visuals can be used in your favor, if and when you know how to tap it effectively. There are many ways that you can do this, and the above tips are some of the most straightforward tactics that you should implement.

Your customers truly are visual creatures so make product visuals be a tool you can use to capture them so you can ultimately make your conversion rates higher.