What is Best Way to Learn Mobile App Development
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What is Best Way to Learn Mobile App Development

What is Best Way to Learn Mobile App Development

The Android App industry is growing at a very high rate and hence posing a great competition amongst the app builders in the market.

Therefore, every app developer needs to possess better skills and knowledge on programming to gain a better competitive edge in the industry.

Designing and developing an app from scratch can be challenging since much time and hard work is greatly required.

Before you run into the programming industry there are various concepts you need to incorporate to help you carry out your project successfully.

Determine the need for learning about the mobile app development.

There are various reasons why different people may decide to indulge in this kind of a job, and this depends on their personalities or even their preferences.

Making up your mind about doing programming could be your passion about it, an opportunity you came across, and you cannot afford to lose it, or maybe someone tried to discourage you from it earlier on and now you much determined in undertaking it.

Trying to understand why you want to venture into the mobile app creation is very crucial since it is a significant factor in increasing your chances of victory.

Identifying the level at which you are starting from

If you have a little knowledge about computers, then you should consider getting a better understanding of how generally computers are operated.

Take a short computer course to familiarize with the various computer basics.

There are free online short courses on computer science and should utilize that opportunity to gain more knowledge on programming.

If you are transitioning from a different segment of programming to learning about the mobile app development, use the PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium platforms to guide you through the entire process.

The PhoneGap entails utilizing a website view of a mobile platform to extract the required information.

However, building an app using this platform could be challenging due to the limited access to the device capabilities.

Appcelerator, on the other hand, makes significant use of the native control systems in the platform to deliver the content.

Be hands on with mobile app development

You need to undertake a project during your learning period in building a mobile app to enable you to gain maximum skills through the practice.

The project also motivates you to work harder to see your efforts being rewarded and in this way, you learn better.

Android, IOS or Windows

There are different types of mobile app platforms, and therefore it is wise to make the right decision on the specific platform you will go for.

You may decide to either venture in dealing with an Android platform, Windows platform or the iOS (iPhone Operating system) platform.


For IOS you take either of the two ways; starting with learning the Objective-C first or just doing the Swift straight away.

The form you pick at this point depends on your earlier decision on why you decided to learn about mobile app development.

If you want to learn to build the app to partner with the cellular development cooperation then starting with Learning Objective-C is the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you want to develop iOS to make products of your own for the entire app market, you may go straight to Learning Swift.


If you have completely settled for the Android platforms, then you should have perfect knowledge on the different Android devices, since app development of the various devices tends to be completely different.

Java knowledge is very significant here to help you in the various programming tasks involved.

If you require some more knowledge about Java or Android development, you may find useful tutorials on “Training on Android developer”, “Java tutorials for new trainees” or “Short courses on the development of Android apps” (search for these in a YouTube or Google search bar).

Apart from programming, android app development involves more complex practices ranging from documentation of the app, writing the actual app codes and even making promotions and laying out strategies for making money from the apps.


This is a kind of platform that helps to create the favorite apps through focusing on the window devices, including tablets.

Among all the app development platforms, windows creation app is the most preferable for its credible characteristics, some of which includes;

Restricting the availability of the specific app developed to the entire device.

The platform has a feature that enables the user to submit the app to the windows store while making it available to all the families in the device.

There is an option of focusing on just the device families other than targeting the whole operating system.

The whole process of mobile app development could be very easy for you if you put into consideration all the basic requirements needed. Best of luck on your journey!

What is Best Way to Learn Mobile App Development