High Tech Toilets – What You Ought to Know
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High Tech Toilets – What You Ought to Know

High Tech Toilets – What You Ought to Know

High tech toilets. It sounds like something out a B rate sci-fi flick right? Wrong. High tech toilets are actually a quickly growing trend across Japan with 80% of homes having one installed. Will the US start to copy the trend?

Undoubtedly, technology is the future and high tech toilets are already being introduced across the US market. These toilets have additional features that makes using the toilet a relaxing experience rather than a necessary call of nature.

Below you will find the main features of these high tech toilets so if you’re in the market for a new toilet, you can successfully choose a toilet that is ahead of the trend.

Comfortable Heights Toilets

One of the less technical aspects is one of the most appealing aspects in terms of comfort. The comfort height toilet is generally around two inches higher than standard models. This feature makes them a great choice for anyone with mobility issues as the height is more like that of a chair and makes standing up and lowering yourself onto the bowl a whole lot easier.

Dual Flushing Toilets

Invented in 1980 and developed over the years, the dual flush toilet has long been a standard thing across Europe and now it’s becoming more of a thing in the US too. The dual flush is a great way to save water – which is good news for both the environment and your pocket.

The dual flush toilet gives you two options – a light flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste. Some companies have gotten this model down to a fine art and are using way less than the government recommended 1.6 gallons per flush.

Integrated Bidet Toilets

Again already popular in Europe, bidets are becoming more popular in the US now as more and more manufacturers introduce integrated bidets. These nifty toilets have all the functionality of a standard toilet and the integrated bidet means you can use warm jets of water and/or steam to gently clean yourself after using the toilet. This is great news for both hygiene and efficiency reasons as it cuts down the use of toilet paper dramatically as well as being better for your skin.

Heated Seat Toilets

This feature is exactly what you think it is. No more sitting down on the toilet on a cold winter morning and feeling that awful chill spreading through you. The heated toilet seat gives you a nice warm place to sit and do your business, and some of the more advanced models offer timer features and a choice of temperatures so you never again have to experience the jarring cold of the toilet seat.

Motion Activated Seats

This great little invention will help many families avoid the dreaded “you left the seat up again” arguments. Activated by motion sensors, the lid will lift as you approach the toilet and the seat will lift with the wave of your hand. Once the sensors detect you have left the toilet area, both lid and seat will self close gently.

What do you think? Are you tempted by the spa like luxury of a bidet or are you more attracted to the environmental (and monetary) advantages of the dual flushing system? Either way, there is a high tech toilet out there with your name on it.