Getting Real Instagram Followers Vs. Buying Bots
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Getting Real Instagram Followers Vs. Buying Bots

Getting Real Instagram Followers Vs. Buying Bots

Social competition and brand development through social media are a necessary part of your marketing campaigns now. A medium that is fast, elegant, and easy. Your success or failure depends on the adequacy of numbers, the followers that you have. You could do this organically and you could also do it inorganically by, for example, buying active followers, or buying likes from some Instagram auto liker without login tools. Build up impressive numbers across your social platforms.

You could get real active Instagram followers to enhance your brand, for example. You need not wait endlessly for followers to turn up when you can see your competition moving ahead.

Real engagement

For your campaigns to work, you need engagement with real people. You would need people to react, to respond. Otherwise, there is no way your activity would generate business. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a sizeable following that is active. Active followers would help you gauge the needs, the prospective market, and the type of response that your campaign is eliciting. Your content obviously should be attractive to the targeted reader.

To grow that reader base, you could probably buy active Instagram followers or active followers on other social forums too. Combine that with targeted posts that are relevant to your niche. Encourage responses by probably asking for feedback. Your active social media followers would help a lot as they would send in relevant feedback, and probably some of them could become your customers from just being prospects. This also calls for active engagement on your part. See to it that no relevant comment goes unattended. Follow up with the relevant individuals that engage. Share snippets of your experience and these are a sure shot way to grow.

Should one take the help of bots?

Bots or automated applications that can perform repetitive tasks automatically are a craze. Many in the social media world engage bots to create likes automatically when they post or share something. Well, while this is a way to increase your likes and make it obvious to the outside world that you have a large following, bots could, in fact, harm you more than you realize. For one, they are not dynamic. They do not have the ability to engage. On social media, it is not just followers and likes that you should crave for. You need active engagement and bots are a serious failure there. You need, serious, active followers. Bots aren’t emotional. They would not be able to go beyond alike and engage meaningfully either with your content or on other pages. Hence, beyond that single-use, they are more or less useless.

While bots are programmed to make comments based on a hashtag, there is no way it can judge the context and therefore could lead to awkward situations and unwanted comments. No one would want a goof-up on a social platform that could effectively jeopardize your entire initiative. If you think that there’s no problem with a bots’ auto-follow features on Instagram, then think twice. You can end up with a random feed as you follow thousands of accounts and get hundreds of new followers in return. As you add followers to your network on a random basis, expect posts from relevant people to get buried. And that instead of boosting your network could cause havoc as genuine followers and individuals would get disinterested when you don’t engage because the post got buried in a useless stream of bot posts.

Violation of Instagram’s terms of use

The real problem of Instagram bots is that they access API without any authorization. Not only does this violate Instagram’s terms of use, but it also invites legal action. Display of user content, import or backup content without prior permission can damage your reputation. But real Instagram followers never access API and as a result, no legal action is invited. Use of bots could invite a shadow ban from Instagram, which would basically block all your relevant content from reaching the relevant people. Your social media strategy would thus go haywire and could be a massive blow. Hence, it is best to stick to growing an active follower base and create engagements that sustain. This could prove immensely worthwhile for your long-term marketing goals.


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