Keep Your Home and Office Clutter Free from Cables
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Keep Your Home and Office Clutter Free from Cables

Keep Your Home and Office Clutter Free from Cables

We are on our way to a cordless and wire-free world. Just imagine all the hi-tech gadgets and appliances are there but no messy cords to be seen! Exciting, isn’t it?

But, unless we get to that beautiful dream world, we will have to manage the huge number of cables that clutters or home and offices. There was a time parents needed to keep the kids under control to keep their house clean and clutter free. And, today is the time when we need to keep our cables under control so that we don’t feel embarrassed in front of our visitors due to the clutter.

We are all on the same page of the problem; so, let’s jump to the solution without any further ado.  In fact knowing what equipment to use for the job can make a big difference in the end and that is why it is great to look at Cable Intelligence for a better understanding. However, below are a few tips that helps you tell all those cords and cables ruining the beauty of your home and office, that you can keep your surroundings clutter free despite their presence:

Velcro hook and loop

This is the simplest thing that can keep your cables tied in a disciplined manner. You can use this reusable product to tie the extra cables dangling from your work table. You can also use the hook and loop to tie and store the cables. These are formed in a way not to crush or damage the cables.

Braided Sleeves for Cables

These are expandable in nature. You can keep different types of cables inserted in one sleeve and rest assured that the cables won’t tangle. For adjusting some extra cables you can easily expand the sleeve. You can also get the zipped version of cable sleeves if you like.

Cable Holders – The holders can be mounted on wall or can also be suspended using a thread. This is used to keep all your computer cables organized so that no one trips on the cables lying on the floor. This way, it not only makes the place more presentable but also safe for those walking around the working table.


If you find yourself struggling with in remembering which cable belongs to which gadget then labelling is the best solution for you. There are obviously a plenty of label maker and masking tapes available in market. But, if you are blessed with creativity you do not need to spend your dollars for this. Yes, DIY is the best option for label making.

Spiral Cable Wraps

Do you remember the coiled wire of that landline or booth phones? The spiral cable wraps looks just the same but comes in different colours. You can use them to give your cables a uniform look when there’s no option of hiding the cables. 2-4 cables can easily be wrapped in one bundle giving your table a more organized look.

Plug Hub Desk

This is an under desk hub to manage cords. This is one of the perfect solutions for keeping desktop wires hidden and organized. This plastic box with rubber foot has 3-5 openings on top from where you insert the cables. The cables are plugged in to the power strips sitting hidden in the box.

Binder Clips

This might look out of the place here but it isn’t. The USB chargers we need for charging our mobile phone, camera, iPod, kindle etc ends up on floor after being used. They look really bad that way. You can use a row of paper holders placed strategically on sides of your table to hold each of these. This will not only make your room look good but you’ll also be spared of the pain getting on your knees to pick the right USB from the floor.


These are a cute little device with grooves in the plus sign style through which you can run cables in any side. These are meant to be stick to the table and wrap the extra length of cables not needed. There are some other creative styled cordlets that are used to wrap the extra length of earphone or headphone wires. You do not need to stick these earphone and headphone cordlets anywhere.

Poly zip bags

We all have that plastic bag with zipper on the top but we use that in our kitchens. But you can definitely use them to store those cables that are perhaps manufactured to be stored only. Tie them individually with Velcro hook and loop and put in separate bags and label each bag. This way you’ll get what you need without disturbing other cables.

These are just a few examples; there are a lot of readymade options and a few perfect DIY ways to keep the cords into their limit.



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