Meat Smokers: Which One Works Best For You?

Meat Smokers: Which One Works Best For You?

Meat Smokers: Which One Works Best For You?

Meat smokers are a necessity for those who barbecue regularly. There are different sizes available based on the amount of meat you want to smoke in one go. There are smaller ones and then there are smokers that allow you to cook an entire turkey! However, the most important thing about a smoker is the fuel it uses to impart flavor. Here are the four different types of fuels that are popularly used for meat smoking. It is also worthwhile to consider what kind of flavor profile you generally prefer.

Electric smoker

Electric smoker center has some great options if you are looking for an easy to use smoker. Electric smokers allow you to control the temperature. A lot of units are also automated, so you can start smoking the meat and then finish other work. Electric smokers can be a tad bit expensive. Based on the type of model you are buying and the brand you are buying from, replacing parts might be difficult if the brand doesn’t make standalone parts.

Wood/ pellet smoker

This is probably the most popular type of smoker used for cooking any type of meat. This is because a wood smoker imparts a beautiful flavor to the meat. Not just that, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to the type of wood. This depends on how smoky you want your meat to taste and how strong of a flavor you want to impart to your food. A pellet smoker uses a special system to smoke the meat. Therefore, these smokers tend to be more expensive as compared to other options. The cost of wood or pellets can also be a little steep, so that is something to keep in mind.

Charcoal smoker

Nothing beats the flavor of meat smoked with charcoal. Those belonging to team charcoal will swear that the best flavor comes from smoking meat in this appliance. However, lighting a fire with charcoal and maintaining the fire are both quite tedious. The temperature requires constant monitoring. If you are smoking meat for 12-15 hours, it can be a hassle to keep checking the fire and temperature every couple of hours. Charcoal smokers can also be expensive since the cost of charcoal itself is quite high. However, if you put flavor above everything else, this is the smoker you need.

Propane smoker

Propane smokers are only slightly expensive than electric smokers. These are definitely cheaper than wood and charcoal smokers. The thing to be careful about is the amount of fuel you have on hand to power the smoker. It is always advisable to keep an extra supply when you are hosting a barbecue party. However, with a propane smoker, it is easy to control the temperature because it stays consistent. You can start the smoker, adjust the settings and then let it do its job without constant checking.

So now that you have all the information necessary, make the right decision so you can host the best barbecue parties in town.


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