The Advantages of Touch Typing Skills

The Advantages of Touch Typing Skills

The Advantages of Touch Typing Skills

Computers have become an essential part of our lives and are not going anywhere, whether they are desktops, laptops, notebooks or other forms. Various tasks that were previously done with a pen and paper are now done on these devices. Every tasks like writing reports, making presentations, sending emails and even scheduling workdays has gotten digital. Therefore, touch typing can be immensely useful in today’s scenario because it opens up a number of avenues that don’t exist for regular typists. Some of the benefits you can reap with touch typing skills are:


The first and obvious benefit of touch typing is that you can type faster. Touch typists don’t have to look at the keyboard as the fingers remember the keys from muscle memory so they are able to write 75 to 80 words per minute whereas regular typists find it difficult to write more than 30 words per minute. This is mostly because they have to they have to look down at the keyboard for writing.


You can save a lot of your time with touch typing than doing it the regular way. As a matter of fact, you can actually accomplish your work in half the time it would take you otherwise. Hence, you can use this time for doing other tasks or doing more work in a specific time period.


As a whole, touch typing is far better for your health than hunt and peck typists. This is because they don’t have to look at the keyboard so they are not hunched over. They can sit straight and maintain the right posture, which can eliminate the threat of back, neck and shoulder pain. Plus, touch typing also involves the use of all fingers and this can reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries or RSI.


You are able to focus better with touch typing because your interest is not divided. With regular typing, your focus is split between the work you are doing and finding the keys to type. But, when you touch type, you can focus on one thing rather than two. This will give your productivity a boost and make it easier for you to pay attention to your project details instead of hunting for the keys.

Job Prospects

Typing is no longer an optional skill. Computer skills have become a requirement in jobs and some employers also ask potential candidates for high typing speeds. They want someone who can type fast and save time. Therefore, touch typing skills can prove to be very valuable here because you can show your employers you can type with accuracy and speed. If you don’t know your typing speed, you can simply take a typing test for beginners to get an idea.


Typing can be physically and mentally exhausting when you do it for long periods of time. Learning to touch type can reduce fatigue considerably. You don’t have to bend over the keyboard to find the keys and can just focus on your output.


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