Positive Learning Consequences of Technology in Education

Positive Learning Consequences of Technology in Education

Positive Learning Consequences of Technology in Education

With the advent of technology there have been rapid changes in the field of education and teaching. Initially both the teachers and the entire educational sector in the US were skeptical to associate technology in to education. They believed that the dependence on technology would lead to slower children. There is no doubt that the machines will perform according to the specifications which they have been engineered. The apprehension is that the dependence on these machines will eventually undermine human skills of understanding and retention on a wide scale. Let’s look at the various advantages of bringing use of technology in education.

Plus Points of Technology in Education:

There is no doubt that technology has changed our everyday lives. The large processors and storage spaces play an important role in simplifying tedious repetitive tasks. Let’s look at the various advantages which have been established by the presence of technology.

  • Eliminating Physical Constraints to Education:

There was a time when attendance to an institute was one of the key factors to determine a student’s success. Once the student attended the classes, the pupil would gain an academic advantage and further their learning. With the advent of technology distance learning is now an option. The physical constraints of time and space have been permeated. It is no longer necessary for a teacher and student to physically occupy the same space to administer coursework help UK standards of education.

  • Comprehensive Research is Easily Accomplishable:

Traditionally the bigger library an institute possessed the higher reputation it had amongst the intellectual society. Universities and institutes tried their best to acquire more physical assets of books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauruses. Now the only thing which is physically required is a research lab which is connected to the worldwide web. Learners can research any subject to find relevant information based on their subject.

  • Technology is Enhancing the Learning Process

It is now easier to implement learning tools using technology in comparison to yesteryears. There is a huge difference between implementing learning with a chalkboard and displaying syllabus information on a screen. Teachers can now use state of the art technology as they deem necessary to effectuate learning. A mathematics teacher can use the tools necessary to help explain concepts to students. A history teacher, on the other hand, may choose to use completely different tools. With technology this is easily possible with the least physical and financial constraints.

  • Technology Facilitates Storage and Sharing of Resources

One of the main benefits of technology is how it integrates resources and permits the sharing of these resources. With technology advancing at such a high speed it has become easier to store large quantities of information in very small devices such as USB memory stick. The size is not the only one advantage of the portable memory but it is the fact that it can universally interlink with any electronic device. The father of modern processors the XT machine could not store such large amounts of data which today can easily be stored on a USB.

A student’s efforts and travails to achieve a higher education have become much easier today. But there are still some students who do not profit at all from the availability of all these tools and resources in the least. There is no technology which can change the mindset of an individual.


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