Tech Training Tips That All Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Tech Training Tips That All Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Tech Training Tips That All Entrepreneurs Need To Know

All entrepreneurs will get to a point in their business when they need to employ some staff. If you have never employed employees before, this could be a big change for you and your company. Many entrepreneurs don’t have any problems bringing new members of staff on board, especially if they have previously worked as managers at other companies. However, if you have always worked for yourself or have never held any positions of responsibility at another business, you might find this change a bit too overwhelming. And there is always one part of becoming an employer that many business owners find very challenging: training and staff development. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off employing people! In fact, there is a lot of tech that can help you improve your training. Here are some top tech-related tips that will help you boost your company’s training programs and employee development schemes.

Constantly Train

When you work in a company that uses the latest tech, it can be quite difficult keeping on top of all the latest updates and new models. So, you should be sympathetic to all your employees if they are continually puzzled by adopting new tech and software! Because of this, and the need to constantly adopt new and current versions of technology, you should aim to continually train your staff. This doesn’t mean you need to hold weekly training sessions; just a quick email once a week to clarify the basics should be enough. But be sure to hold a monthly training session to support all the emails. By continually training and developing your staff, you are ensuring that everyone is up to speed with all the tech you use in your office.

Use Tools To Help You

When it comes to creating training materials, you don’t have to completely start from scratch. nIn fact, there are plenty of apps and software that can help you to create some really great documents to use in the whole training process. For instance, Adobe has a software called Captivate that helps company owners create their own training materials. If you are completely new to Adobe software, you shouldn’t find it too hard to use. However, there are plenty of training courses should you struggle to get the hang of it, including Training Connections Captivate classes. You will also be able to find other tools and software that you can use to create plans for workshops and other materials, such as spreadsheets and slideshows.

Hire Professional Freelance Training Managers

If you have the budget to do so, you should consider hiring a freelance training manager. There are now many freelancers who work closely with various companies to help train their staff and organize training workshops and sessions. Many entrepreneurs like to hire these when they do not have enough time to deal with employee development themselves. Thanks to the Internet and current technology, it is now possible to find a lot more experienced and knowledgeable trainers. That’s because the Internet opens up a larger talent pool that you are able to hire from. You may find someone based in, say Shanghai, who fits the bill of your perfect training manager. And you won’t have to worry about them being remote. Thanks to tools such as Skype and conference call phones, you will be able to harness their expertise and use it to your advantage in the office, no matter where they may be!

Put All Training Documents On The Cloud

You will no doubt use a lot of documents and printouts in all of your training sessions and workshops with your employees. Even if you tell everyone to keep hold of all these papers, there is a good chance that a few people will end up losing or misplacing them. This isn’t great if they ever get confused about some of your company’s processes – they won’t be able to check the guidelines in the documents that state processes and workflows. So, as well as giving them all the necessary documents in paper, you should also make them available online or on your computer network; somewhere where everyone can access them with just a click of a mouse. One of the best options for storing the soft copies of all these files is on the cloud. The cloud is online storage. Companies can buy specific amounts of storage, in which they can store all their sensitive files and data. Lots of companies are now moving all their data and documents from their personal computer network onto the cloud as it is a lot less risky. Computer networks can be breached by hackers and malware. However, the cloud is a lot securer. Not only that, though, but all the files are accessible from any computer by anyone who has the login details. So you employees can always check on the training info even once they are at home on their personal laptop!

Adopt Online Training

Think all your training needs to be done in workshops and one-on-one sessions? Think again! A lot of companies are now adopting online training for their employees. This is especially the case with small businesses who need to train a lot of freelancers and contractors who work remotely and aren’t able to come into the main office. There are now lots of websites that specialize in helping businesses train their staff online. One of the best things about training on these sites is that you can take advantage of asynchronous timing. That means not everyone taking part in the training has to do it at the same time. So one of your employees based in Europe can work on a training document while another employee in North America is sleeping!

Technology makes office work very complicated these days. However, if you use all the above tech training tips, you will find that your training and development is made very easy. Not only that, though, but your employees will also find it incredibly easy to bring their tech knowledge up to date!


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